Segafredo Coming To Coral Gables

It was a staple in Brickell for ten years. It served patrons with great Italian cuisine. Now, its coming to Coral Gables, with a slightly different look.

The Coral Gables Segafredo will be called Segafredo Select and feature a more “coffee shop feel” than the Brickell version many of us were familiar with.

According to their parent company’s website Segafredo Select, “As a true ‘Fifth Wave’ cafe, it pairs artisan quality with professional execution. To achieve this, each Select draws on the considerable experience and heritage of the Segafredo brand, featuring the best of modern Italian design, an exceptional Italian inspired food & drink offer and of course the unique Italian relaxed ‘piazza’ atmosphere that customers increasingly want.”

Although the Segafredo brand has been founded as a coffee brand part of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, this will not be a traditional coffee shop and will have a menu that will feature “a light fare, but still have that wow factor”, said Mel Rivera, franchisee for the Coral Gables location. “It will be a restaurant, have a lounge upstairs, store front patio seating, we will have life entertainment, a DJ and music; and the service will be equal to fine a dining experience.”

Rivera explains that the menu will be created to be the perfect fit for customers in Coral Gables.

Segafredo Select is scheduled to open in November or December of this year at 384 Miracle Mile.


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