Has Your Garbage/Recycling Been Picked Up?


Last Thursday, Gables Insider asked you if you were having issues with your garbage and recycling pickup.

Many of you commented and emailed us about your experience with these City services, and over 500 of you participated in our online poll.

Coral Gables City Manager, Peter Iglesias

Following the article, City Manager, Peter Iglesias reached out to Gables Insider to discuss your concerns, what could be causing the increase in disruptions, and what was being done to address them.

City Manager Iglesias informed us that he recently undertook a department review of the City’s Public Works Department and “implemented new systems and checks to ensure that these services were up to the expectations of our residents.”

Following these changes, Gables Insider had confirmed, staffing changes were made resulting in eight vacancies in the Department.

“We are working to change the culture of the Department. We expect people to do the job they have been hired to do and have a system in place now where if one team finishes their route, they must then assist other teams that may be running behind schedule until all routes are completed. We have added GPS video tracking on the trucks as well to monitor progress and ensure we are aware of all issues, including truck diagnostics that alert us to any mechanical issues as they arise, so that they can be addressed.”

Iglesias went on to explain that “as a resident myself, I understand the frustrations of residents and I want your readers to know that I am working, with staff, to address them.”

He added that the City has already interviewed twenty new candidates to fill the eight vacancies and that he expects the Department to be fully staffed by the end of the month.

When asked about residents bringing their waste and recycling bins out to the curve, Iglesias stated, “residents should not bring their bins out. If they are told to do so, I want them to let us know. If any resident is missed or has issues with their service, please ask them to call 305-460-5346 and let us know, so that we can address it.”


Recently, we’ve received emails from residents regarding garbage and recycling issues. Specifically, these complaints have been regarding various missed pickups.

More recently, we’ve also noticed recycling bins are not being taken back to the sides of homes. Instead, they are being thrown in front lawns and driveways.  This is causing confusion and some homeowners are now bringing out their recycling containers in front of their homes or curbside (which is a code violation) thinking this is the new way to get their items picked up.

We want to know if you’ve also recently experienced a change in service. Take our poll, leave a comment below or email us at [email protected].



38 thoughts on “Has Your Garbage/Recycling Been Picked Up?

  1. Swale system is horrible to sight
    Kendall has tje large trssh cans which they keep in garage until night before pick up
    Houses look much better without house garbage as decoration in front.

  2. Red recycle bins are obsolete. I have two red bins plus at least 3 or 4 paper trash bags every week. All of this attracts insects, possums, raccoons, etc. The recycle people drop things all over the driveway, etc. Why not have large closed recycle bins with wheels????? that can be wheeled out to the street.

  3. My small recycling boxes for example shirt boxes and shoe boxes are not being picked up. They take the plastic recycling but not the boxes. What’s the reason ?

  4. Overall, service in my area is good. Thanks and kudos to the men (and women if there are any) who who work hard, and in great speed (too hurried, perhaps) in our hot, muggy climate. Based on the speed at which they run from house to house with their carts, it seems they have a tight schedule for picking up garbage and meeting up with the truck. Could there be a better system – I hope so. But in the meantime, I appreciate the employees who work hard in an often thankless job.

  5. Garbage & recycling pickup has been on the decline the past yr. I find myself having to call for missed pick-up’s about twice a month. Last week they forgot my garbage & recyclables. If you write a 1 ticket for garbage & don’t write yet another for recyclables – one will be picked up & not the other. If you see both, why not pick both up or notify proper dept? Can’t be that hard.
    …and please when passing by, avoid your speeding garbage trucks to turn & run thru my driveway. Twice you’ve ruined my hedge, wear out my driveway entrance & ruin my grassy area.

  6. Give the new management team a chance to make the changes they believe are needed, then measure results. Having met and/or worked with Manager Iglesias;Asst City Manager Santamaria and others at City, my impression is positive about their interests in improving City’s performance.
    Historically, the City’s waste management was not on a priority list, but since recent surveys showed how important it is to residents, I believe the Mayor, Raul V-F, has directed staff to make sure this part of the City’s services work better.
    While some may dislike our Mayor on a personal basis, he is a competent and focused executive doing what he thinks is best for City and he does listen to residents.

  7. Sometimes the trash in both cans is picked up and sometimes not, leaving maggots to proliferate. Sometimes the door to my trash area is closed and sometimes not. Every week, there is a trash trail left behind, either on the driveway or where we have left our recycling bins. The swale trash is picked up very late or the next day. The guys always roll their trash carrier right through the yard, instead of the driveway. Everyone is always in a big hurry without any care to any detail!

  8. I think it is pointless to comment, it is obvious that the current Coral Gables administration –especially the mayor– do not really care at all. Tons of people have complained in half a dozen places and we still get sub-standard service, especially given the money we pay in taxes. The worst part is that when you send an email to Mayor Valdez-Fauli he refuses to even step in, much less accept any responsibility. This is truly a case of Valdez-Failing

  9. Seems like since early 2019, trash pick up has seriously declined. I’ve lived here for 8 years and maybe had 1 missed pickup a year. This year I’ve called for missed pickup more than 20 times. I think it’s a training issue. How else can they be so erratic? It’s funny now that they collect the entire year at one time the service goes bad.

  10. Trash service is outdated. Swale system was developed before City had professional gardeners. Leaving trash on swale area is ugly and system is constantly abused. It looks terrible.
    Miami Dade County has a much updated system using larger trash containers.

  11. If I’m lucky my recycling gets picked up every 2 weeks. Big decline in service since I moved here 6 years ago. It’s creating issues with bugs and even rats despite my rinsing recyclables before placing them in the container. Not only is a pile of recyclables an eye sore it’s become a health hazard.

  12. To my surprise … YES, I was surprised that my trash can lid was finally properly placed yesterday. Usually, the trash can is half open or the lid upside down, causing the trash can to collect rain water. As to the recycling bins, I would really like them to be placed correctly, not upside down or sideways. It’s unpleasant to have to turn them up all wet. We also have some recyclable rubbish left along the way sometimes, particularly lately.

  13. I have lived In the Gables for almost 20 years and until this past year never had to call about missed trash pick up. This past year I have called at least 15 times. My trash is often not picked up for an entire week. When I do call, the response is quick and the person who responds apologetic but I shouldn’t have to call at all. I have also had, again for the first time, the large gray cans left in the middle of my front yard after being emptied rather than returned to the side of the house.

    Regarding recycling, I was told to put my orange bin on the side walk. I would be delighted to leave it back by the trash cans but I have my doubts that it would ever be picked up from that location.

  14. Garbage spilling out of dragged and torn garbage bags.
    Recycling bins not picked up regularly. When picked up, often, debris left on path.
    You can’t have reliable employees when their contract allows them to quit as early as “their route is completed “. Ridiculous!
    Poor new supervisor has work cut out for him!

  15. My garbage and recycling are consistently collected, and I could not possibly fathom asking for a higher quality service for as little as I pay to have men pick up my waste with wheelbarrows. I don’t use trash service because I would never use my front lawn as a dump.

  16. I’ve only once had one missed recycling pick-up recently and they responded right away when I called. However, I personally dislike the recycle bins. They’re small, inconvenient and collect water. In other South Florida cities (like Weston), they have smaller trashcans with wheels and lids that are provided for recycling. This keeps animals out and doesn’t leave a stack of glass and plastic waiting to tip over on the side of my house. In addition, soaking wet cardboard cannot be recycled. So, even if you break down your box and place it in the bin, if it rains, it becomes trash. If we had cans, maybe that could prevent the boxes from becoming garbage and eliminate so many in our swales.

  17. Over the course of the last few months, my garbage has not been picked up for weeks at a time.
    I have filed reports with the city more than a dozen times.

  18. About twice a month, I have to request a service due to missed waste or recycling pickups. I don’t think I had this issue years back. However, I should say that the response to my requests is amazingly fast, no matter the day of the week.

  19. Weekly recycling service is great. But, my bins don’t get emptied unless I put them in front of my house (not all the way out on the curb, but in front of the gate to my side yard). And there is always a little bit left behind, usually in the driveway or the yard. I also have to put my trash in front of my house to ensure it gets emptied. The bulk pickup is fine, although it does irritate me when people put furniture and other garbage on the swale, or cardboard that should be recycled.

  20. Service is going down and City Garbage fee continues to go up every year! Contact your commissioners and tell them to stop increasing the fee. The final budget hearing is tomorrow!!!

  21. The missed pickups are not new but have become the norm. Many yeas ago the supervisor came to my house to see if I was doing something wrong. I have on average 1 missed a month. I had to dump all the newspapers on swale with tree clippings as it became mush after last weeks missed pickup. And the water collection in trash cans! Also the new recycling bins do not have holes to drain water when it collects. I wouldn’t want to change our system though, just drive around Miami to see the Waste Management bins on street..worse!

  22. Our trash cans are continuously left with lids open and often fill with rain water for days on end when on travel.

    Re-cycle bins are left away from where they are kept and are often thrown on the middle of the lawn with some recycling debris left behind.

    Would love to again see garbage can lids closed and recycle bins back in their original place.

  23. I was TOLD (by the persons picking up garbage) to bring my recycle bin to the street…. to allow for easier pickup. I had no idea it was a code violation.

  24. We do not have any problem with garbage pickup. However, our house has been missed several times in the last 2 month for recycling. When I report this it is picked up by the next day. I always set my recycling bins in the front of my garage and they are returned there with occasional pieces of recycled items strewn around the yard.

  25. Both our garbage and recycling bin have been picked up on a timely basis. We continue to find that the city employees that do this for us consistently deliver first class courteous service, no question in our opinion one of the advantages of living in Coral Gables.

  26. I have been having a constant issue with my garbage pick up. I should not have to call waste services or submit a service order request to have my garbage picked up. The missed pick up happens at least every other week.

  27. City of coral gables has always gone, above and beyond with the services they provide for residents. Make one call and the city answers. Try that with other county or city’s all you’ll get is usually a recording and leave a message. Thank you to all the employees of coral gables.

  28. Our recycling and trash bins sit on an alley used by dog walkers, construction workers, and others. They throw items in our bins, much of it non-recyclable. The city has tried to educate residents about what NOT to put in there, but stronger clearer information is needed. My recycle bins are cracked, but that helps drain out the rainwater – an unexpected benefit.

  29. This article is absolutely true. Everyone on my street moves the recycling to their front driveway on pick up days. The days I have forgotten to do this myself the recycling doesn’t get picked up. This has been consistent since I moved in 3 years ago. They will not go to the side to get the recycling. Only the regular trash.

  30. We called many times to waste collection department, reason why: they missed the garbage picked up, but later during the day someone came and complete the job. Coral Gables residents are no supposed to call the waste collection on going basis. Recycling service is OK.

  31. Our recycling bins are never put back at the side of the house. Instead they are left in the middle of the driveway and often debris is left scattered about.

  32. Every month I had to put in calls or tickets for missed garbage pickup even though I have lived in the house for over 15 years. For recycling it’s like my house doesn’t exist. With this cardboard rule I thought they might make more of an effort on the recycling pickup but no. I have had to call to get them to pick up weeks of accumulated boxes.

  33. As others have commented, we often find after recycling pick-up; a can, cardboard, a magazine, etc. left behind on the ground or near the road way/sidewalk where recycling gathering had taken place by which I go out and clean up what was dropped. Overall, we are content about having a weekly recycling service. THANKS!

  34. The city needs to get over its old ways and introduce more modern ways of collecting trash and recycling. We pay more money as tax payers than any other municipality for trash services. Yet, debris is frequently all over the street and driveway and items are always left behind. We also have trash constantly in bulk pick up areas throughout the city. What about changing the code to include tree and plant debris in the definition of rubbish (much like the city of miami) to prevent trash piles all week, limiting bulk pick up to once per month and using the money savings in modern garbage and recycling pick up technology. A majority of bulk pick up is used for plant debris, something that can be gathered by ones landscaper instead of left around all week. We call the Gables the City Beautiful. What it is is a City constantly covered in trash and debris.

  35. I find the recycling boxes thrown near where they are kept and lately find small pieces of recycling materials in my driveway.

  36. Lately the Garbage pick-up was missed x 2, not sequentialy. I notified the appropriate department and the service was provided the following day.

  37. When garbage is picked up the trash cans are left with the lids open. If there is no one home for the day, and rain happens, the cans fill up with water. If we are asked to empty out anything with standing water for mosquito worries, garbage cans should not be left open either.

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