Shops At Merrick Park Partners With Volta To Offer Complimentary Vehicle Charging Stations

Always on trend, Shops at Merrick Park announced today that they will now be providing shoppers with complimentary vehicle charging stations, courtesy of Volta, the industry leader in electric vehicle charging networks. With Consumer Reports recently reporting that electric vehicles will save the typical driver $6,000 to $10,000 over the life of the vehicle, the trend of going electric is here to stay and Merrick Park has you covered!

“At Shops at Merrick Park, we are always looking to provide a more seamless shopping experience for our guests, “ said Andrew Peach, Senior General Manager of Shops at Merrick Park. “Volta is perfect partner to help us transition into electric charging stations because they are at the forefront of the electric vehicle community and understand how to promote impactful brand stories to everyone.”

Shops at Merrick Park will boast 10 new Volta charging stations and one Super Station conveniently located for shoppers in the following areas:

  • (4) Main Garage on West Entrance by Neiman Marcus
  • 4) P2 on West Entrance by Neiman Marcus
  • (3) P2 on East Entrance by Nordstrom  

2 thoughts on “Shops At Merrick Park Partners With Volta To Offer Complimentary Vehicle Charging Stations

  1. Thank you Merrick Park. Individuals like me that have a plug-in hybrid will visit the restaurants and stores because you offer charge stations for your patrons. Kudos to you for making this effort to attract more patrons for your tenants. Rhonda Anderson

  2. Thank you Merrick Park. This is a great benefit that will attract patrons to your center. The City Commission should promote charging stations throughout the City and for all new development. Forward thinking on your part. Environmental awareness. Good work.

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