Tuesday, December 8 Commission Meeting Digest

Click Here for a full copy of the Agenda and supporting documentation for each item.

To watch the meeting LIVE on Tuesday, December 8th: https://zoom.us/j/3054466800 . Anyone can address the commission for (3) minutes before the start of business promptly at 9am

Below is a satire digest a-la-Insider for what we expect will take place at the upcoming meeting. Enjoy!

  • Newly elected District 7 County Commissioner Raquel Regalado will visit with the Commission. The City has had a rocky past with the county. Maybe now with a new mayor the City can hit a reset button.
  • Time Certain 10am – The City will vote on allowing play houses. Believe it or not, some neighbor complained about a little girl’s playhouse putting all children’s play houses, swing sets and tree houses in danger of code violations. The city commission will vote on whether kids can have fun on private property or if their temporary tiny homes will have to have a setback, green space requirement and solar panels like mom & dad’s house. Sponsored by Vice Mayor Vince Lago
  • Commissioner Pat Keon wants to talk about access to waterways. During the pandemic, a small access point under the Metrorail on Riviera Drive and US-1 become a hotspot for those wanting to launch a paddle board or kayak. However, as the saying goes “Only in Dade”; someone took it to the next level and ripped out bollards designed to prevent a motorized boat launch and launched a small boat on trailer!  The site does not have a proper entry point, parking or even trash cans. We are not sure if Keon is for or against access, but we think under the right conditions, the public needs more access to public waterways. The access point under discussion is on Miami-Dade County Land.
  • Public Meeting Notices via city’s e-news : The most junior commissioner rarely puts things on the agenda, but after hearing residents loud and clear at the recent zoning code sunshine meeting, Commissioner Jorge L. Fors, Jr.  wants to pass legislation to have all public meetings be part of the city’s email news blasts that’s mostly ribbon cutting news and pictures of your elected officials. We give this a thumbs up for common sense. This would be a win for the residents of Coral Gables.
  • Mayor Valdes-Fauli wants to extend outdoor dining permits until June 15, 2021. We don’t see anything wrong with this idea. The weather is about to get nice for the next few months and COVID-19 infection numbers aren’t getting any better.
  • Zoning Code Community Meeting – the big enchilada! After last week’s commission sunshine meeting overwhelmed the commission with over 280 participants, clearly the city needs more time to hear from the residents and educate the public. Commissioners want a meeting mid-January and final vote February 2021. This is something that should have been done throughout the process for the past almost 3 years but was not. We know Mr. Mayor, 25 opportunities, but not even Gables Insider knew about those. So the residents say: Doesn’t count! This is sponsored by Vice Mayor Vince Lago and has support from Commissioners Fors and Mena based on the sunshine meeting discussion.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, December 8 Commission Meeting Digest

  1. I speak for many and it is the Mayor’s and Comm. Keon’s job to listen and do what the residents want, not what you or your developer friends want. No further development on Miracle Mile, fix what we have, no off- site parking, no to further construction and no to both of you in Ciral Gables
    Leadership. It is time we take back out City and have leadership that respects its citizens. You Mayor Valdes-Fauli and you Comm. Keon do not make decisions for us as you were mistakenly elected to SERVE US. Now please isten to us !!!

  2. All I can say is congratulations to you and other media types for taking up the cudgels for this fight. We Won!! The zoning changes were going to be railroaded through to help their friends, the developers. Now, they will have to listen to us as well.

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