Watch The 2020 Merrick Festival Caroling Competition

The Merrick Festival Caroling Competition took place once again this year with talented students from over 20 schools.

The virtual competition was carried via Facebook and YouTube and allowed for many to enjoy the Holiday cheer of this Coral Gables tradition.

Prior to the event, the Merrick Festival outlined the following details about this year’s competition:

We have 21 schools signed up for the 2020 Competition. Far more than we expected but fewer than usual. Technology and access to it are the deciding factors for the teachers who have signed up this year. And we’re leaving that part to them. Each school will create a 10-minute video using whatever technology they choose.

We’re creating the show. We’re copying the America’s Got Talent format. The five judges will view the performance of each school, and critique them on air, giving out the final score. There will be no live audience. In fact, everything will be pre-recorded, AND, the show will be broadcast by the City of Coral Gables, on the City’s FaceBook page, the City of Coral Gables YouTube Channel and CGTV. So, everyone in Coral Gables will be able to watch the Competition and anyone outside of the City can see it on social media.

The schools decided to forego the huge cash prizes this year. They will still receive the recognition of Grand Prize, Runner Up, etc., but they have asked that the money be divided up equally, between all of the schools participating, to help cover the cost of production for their virtual performance. They are excited to be able to usher in the Christmas season despite the challenges we face with all the new rules and regulations. They love the Competition as much as the audience.

“2020 has been quite a year!  In a year when nothing is normal,  the Caroling Competition is here. It’s different.  We’re not live at 550 Biltmore Way in front of the amazing poinsettia tree.  But we’re here, kicking off the holidays for Coral Gables once again and for the 34th year. So, as we usher in the season with the sounds of children singing, let’s celebrate because WE ALL NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS!” said Sally Baumgartner, Executive Director of the Merrick Festival.

The competition can be seen in its entirety below:


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