So Long Mediterranean Architecture: Is This The New Look Of Miracle Mile?

“Coral Gables is a city founded to be memorable” begins the City’s official website’s description of Coral Gables’ Mediterranean Architecture.

Bulldozer demolishing 375 Miracle Mile

As Gables Insider reported on this past Sunday, bulldozers have begun tearing down the building at 375 and 385 Miracle Mile. The building had been the home of Randazzo’s Little Italy Restaurant.

Since the publishing of the article, Gables Insider has learned a new Mexican Restaurant (Meczal Mexican Cuisine) is planned for the site, which will feature two stories and a usable third floor for a rooftop terrace. The previous structure was only two stories without a usable third floor.

The project is owned by Brickell based Zoila del Hoyo Aguado, Corp.

The previous structure, filled with Mediterranean architectural features, was derelict after years of being vacant, and businesses on this westernmost part of Miracle Mile have been in need of pedestrian traffic for years.

Previous structure at 375 Miracle Mile

However, is the new building, as seen in developer designs, true to Coral Gables’ Mediterranean Architecture? Is it true to the historic vision for downtown?

“The intent of the “Coral Gables Mediterranean Architecture” design bonuses is to continue the support of George Merrick’s vision consistent with the established historic building fabric of the City and enhance the image of the City by providing a visual linkage between contemporary development and the City’s unique historic thematic appearance.”

Mediterranean architecture is not required by the City, only encouraged. This building did not require Mediterranean design bonuses, since it was not seeking additional concessions from the City, allowing for it to skip any Mediterranean architectural features.


13 thoughts on “So Long Mediterranean Architecture: Is This The New Look Of Miracle Mile?

  1. Rooftop terrace = loud, amplified music addled by alcohol from the rooftop bar. I hope residents in the 400 blocks enjoy loud music. They’ll have no choice.

  2. While I love the Mediterranean design of Coral Gables, I also find it ridiculous and frankly atrocious that a cookie cutter 16 story is built, as bland and featureless as can be, and it gets all kinds of benefits because they put barrel style tiles on the roof and put columns and arches at the ground level. It’s time that CG encourage any high rise building developers to really challenge themselves architecturally and leave the Mediterranean design to where it is appropriate.

  3. Gables Insider reported a high-rise building as a result of the zoning changes. They are now criticizing the low-rise (two stories with usable terrace) new colonial building… what is next? Criticize the menu of the restaurant? Why would preserving non-historical, badly designed non-functional buildings help the community?

  4. I totally agree with Chris. There’s a reason why we have a Board of Architects and not politicians and bias media approving architectural design. We also have historical specialists analyzing building significance, and not public opinion.

    Let’s look forward without forgetting the roots.

  5. Excellent point below, Chris. The villanization of all development is becoming ridiculous. Worse still, is this blog’s intentional fear-mongering. I recall initial excitement and hope that Gables Insider would be an informative local publication to fill the void left by the GG. It’s sad that these bloggers instead chose the route of dishonest and deceptive tabloid to push an agenda. Residents beware. Gables Insider has consistently shown that they have no shame or guilt in lying to residents and stirring division in our City Beautiful.

  6. The Bald Headed Wanna be Commissioner Baños feeds us nothing but Lies – anything he stupidly figures will get him elected…..but fortunately he is being sued for his fowl mouth and “fake news” about everybody and anybody he can think of, and perhaps this will teach him an important lesson….STAY OUT OF GABLES POLITICS!”, this is NOT how we do things here – we are NOT Miami, and while you’re at it let your puppet master Carollo know that there is NO PLACE for his asinine & disgusting political tactics in our City Beautiful – Stay out of our city!

  7. Merrick’s mediterranean vision is almost 100 years old now. Times change. Coral Gables should preserve and protect its roots, but be continually looking forward. There has been a lot of ‘faux’ mediterranean architecture erected in the City so developers could reap the design bonus benefits. What happens is that you end up with a City filled with ‘fake’ architecture mingling with authentic historic architecture. This diminishes the original mediterranean ‘gems’ that give Coral Gables its unique character. Miami Beach has figured this out, they do not let developers build ‘faux’ Art Deco buildings on South Beach because they know that it detracts from the authentic architecture and true history of the beach. We should be encouraging great architecture, not ‘fake’ architecture. This will only enhance the City’s historic treasures, while evolving the City into a relevant and vibrant community.

  8. Beautiful building! So glad they demolished the old building that was not functional, too dark inside and had no natural ventilation, exteriors, terrace or even windows with proper lighting and ventilation.

  9. This project is an excellent low-rise concept with that will help reinvigorate the block. Soon enough, visitors will experience a notable entrance to Downtown Coral Gables and Miracle Mile.

  10. Baños lied to residents. He emailed them to say this was the result of the zoning changes and it was not. Will Gables Insider report on that?

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