St. Theresa Wins First Place In Archdiocesan Academic Olympics

Last week, eighth graders from St. Theresa Catholic School participated in the Archdiocese of Miami’s Academic Olympics for Large Division Schools and brought the trophy home to Coral Gables with first place overall.

“Forty-three of our 8th grade students participated at St. Brendan’s in the categories of Religion, Social Studies, Spanish, STEM, Global & Business Law, Science, General Skills, Math, English, Physical Education, Art, Performing Arts and Medical Science,” shared Ms. Gloria Marti, Vice Principal at St. Theresa Catholic School.  “We won eleven gold medals, twenty-two silver medals and six bronze medals.  It’s exciting to see the students compete individually and in teams, as they demonstrate their commitment to excellence,” continued Ms. Marti.

Preparation for the Academic Olympics is rigorous and students take on additional study hours and have teacher mentors to prepare them for the Olympics.

St. Theresa was founded as St. Joseph’s Academy by the Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine, Florida and opened its doors in 1925 to seventy students. The school was run by the Sisters of St. Joseph until 1991, when the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles began their leadership of the school. Today, it has over 950 students.

Mr. Daniel Serrano, 7th & 8th Grade Teacher, Sister Rosalie Nagy, O.C.D., Principal, and Ms. Gloria Marti, Vice Principal with the winning trophy.

“We are there to support our students and prepare them for the future.  The ten years most students spend at St. Theresa Catholic School gives them a foundation of knowledge and study skills upon which they can build,” says Sister Rosalie Nagy, OCD and principal of St. Theresa School.  “We want to plant the seeds of faith and academic excellence for our children so they are equipped morally and scholastically for any challenges they will face in high school, college, and beyond, using their God-given gifts and talents to continue to shape our world as a Christ-centered environment.”

Congratulations to all participants!

The Students Who Competed Are As Follows:


  • Valentina Castello, Gold
  • Santiago Cacchione, Gold


  • Natalie Perez-Rodriguez, Gold
  • Bruno Barreiro, Gold


  • Mercedes Halliburton, Bronze
  • Jesus Gonzalez, Silver

STEM (Team Competition): 

  • Anabelle Cejas, Silver
  • Mathew Calvino, Silver
  • Sebastian Rodriguez, Silver
  • Nicholas Roiz, Silver

GLOBAL & BUSINESS LAW (Team Competition): 

  • Julian Pineda
  • Melany Suarez


  • Natalie Romero, Gold
  • Kevin Patty, Gold

GENERAL SKILLS (Team Competition):

  • Valentina Velazquez, Gold
  • Carolina Salas, Gold
  • Julian Fresen, Gold
  • Alexis Penalver, Gold


  • Clarisa Ponte, Bronze
  • Fernando Sanchez


  • Angela Gonzalez, Silver
  • Sebastian Rivas

PHYSICAL EDUCATION (Team Competition):

  • Eugenia Paris, Silver
  • Pia Zarraluqui, Silver
  • John Thorsell-Pantin, Silver
  • Luis Revuelta, Silver


  • Pierre Chammas, Gold
  • Malena Iade Silver

PERFORMING ARTS (Team Competition): 

  • Isabella Cortinas, Silver
  • Sofia Huerta, Silver
  • Lauren Labrada, Silver
  • Marina Mueller, Silver
  • Victoria Higuera, Silver
  • Veronica Montalvo, Silver
  • Andrea Hartmann, Silver
  • Alexandra Herrera, Silver
  • Maria Kaminski, Silver
  • Rocio Iribarne, Silver
  • Aiden de Varona, Silver

MEDICAL SCIENCE (Team Competition): 

  • Brandon Peleg, Bronze
  • Adrian Fresen, Bronze
  • Marieva de Aza, Bronze
  • Lucia Suarez, Bronze


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