Sunshine Meeting Thursday To Discuss Controversial $40+ Million Mobility Hub

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For several years, the City Commission has been seeking to address the parking needs in downtown Coral Gables. Following an RFP that was won by a large developer to build a new parking garage behind Miracle Theatre, the Commission decided it would make an attempt to have the city build it. The one requirement, they must break ground by the fall of 2021.

After several months of planning, the City-hired designers presented drawings of an ultra-modern structure that would tower over Miracle Mile and dubbed it a Mobility Hub. Why? If the building is not called a parking garage, the City could get away with avoiding some of the code requirements parking garages must have. If it is not called a parking garage, it technically is not. (Click here to see current proposal).

The plans were met with numerous calls for a redraw by residents at the November City Commission meeting, where residents demanded the Commission incorporate a more traditional design that would be more consistent with the architecture of the City.

The outrage has even lead to a resident-led petition that has already collected over 770 signatures stating that “the garage is not compatible with our City’s vision and it requires multiple variances from our codes and ordinances which they have chosen to ignore.” You can see the petition by clicking here.

Commission Rhonda Anderson proposed changes to the exterior of the structure that would incorporate more foliage, which would help alleviate the hard lines and overbearing design of the structure overshadowing Miracle Mile. In a break with the collegiality of the Commission, the longer-standing members of the Commission shot down her proposals and even talked down to Anderson, stating that the City was in a time-crunch.

The Commission will hold a sunshine meeting to discuss the new garage on Thursday, December 2nd at 4:00PM at the Community Meeting Room of the Police and Fire Headquarters (2151 Salzedo Street). The meeting will also be available via zoom, by clicking here.


7 thoughts on “Sunshine Meeting Thursday To Discuss Controversial $40+ Million Mobility Hub

  1. Coral Gables has a very strong brand because we are different. The city should be enhancing this tropical oasis of Mediterranean accents. We don’t need Miami’s bright lights and modern buildings. Go live in Brickell, Downtown, Midtown and I guarantee you that you will be back quickly. Coral Gables has real neighborhoods, beautiful parks that are used for wedding photos, a hotel that rivals the Breakers in Palm Beach. Don’t be seduced by lights, glare, and flashy marketing.

  2. No use complaining. This monstrosity is going to be built because Mayor L’ego wants it. What did you expect when you elected a developer – smaller buildings?

  3. Whatever happened to the promises made to the voters by the Major and the commissioners that the city’s character would never be changed or violated? How is that aberration proposed not a violation of those promises? Shame on us for believing those scoundrels that once again bend over for the greedy developers!

  4. I am hoping to move to N. Carolina. I’m tired of the creeping destruction of everything I liked in Coral Gables.

  5. I have not been to downtown Coral Gables in years. The shock of all the new high rise buidings, crowded streets, nasty drivers that are in a rush. Memories of Brooklyn, New York came rushing back. The city beautiful has lost its name. The city over crowded is a more appropriate name. Gone is the feel of a quiet little town. Thank you to all that contributed to this ugly transformation from the mayor to the city commissioners and the greedy builders.

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