The Local And Eating House Closing Their Doors

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Coral Gables has long been seen as a location for culture and food. Patrons come from all over the County to find great dining.

However, come July 18th, they will find two less restaurants to enjoy.

On June 19th, as announced on their Instagram account, The Local Craft Food & Drink (150 Giralda Avenue) closed its doors.

“After 10 wonderful years, we will be closing our doors at 150 Giralda Avenue. We would like to thank all of you who have been loyal customers and friends of The Local. We are grateful for the many wonderful memories and great moments which were created in The Local. June 19 will be our last day of service. Stay tuned for the next exciting project which we hope to announce very soon!” read The Local’s social media post.

On July 18th, The Eating House (804 Ponce de Leon Blvd) will be closing its doors, as first reported by Miami New Times.

Eating House was opened by Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli in 2012. He opened a new restaurant, Luca Osteria, on Giralda Avenue in February.

The article reports that the closure is related to their lease renewal and need for a larger space for their restaurant. A new location has not been announced.


5 thoughts on “The Local And Eating House Closing Their Doors

  1. Sad to see that The Local is closed. Unfortunately, our last 2 experiences there were sub-par. The last time we were there the food was great, but the obnoxiously loud and vulgar music was appalling. Our young teen daughter was with us and the misogynistic lyrics aren’t even printable. There were very few customers inside the restaurant, and now we know why.

  2. Sad to see these consistent restaurants go. The drinks and service (waiter and bartender) were good at Luca but the food was a huge disappointment. Also tried that new Zitzum place and everything was bland. Where are these 5 star reviews coming from?

  3. I TOTALLY agree with Vittorio! The hostess was beyond rude to us as well at Luca- the snobbery was astounding. She acted like it was the best restaurant in town or a hit new club you couldn’t get into because you weren’t on the “list”…. no thanks. With an attitude like that you won’t be around long. We went to Portosole instead, and were welcomed with open arms by the owner and treated like royalty- he treats everyone like that at Portosole…….. Luca if you read this, take note: people are noticing the attitude- it sucks. You’ll have another closed restaurant if you keep it up. Snobbery has no place here

  4. I blame the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce. They do nothing to help local businesses, yet parade around and now have fancy new digs. Parking is a mess, rents are skyrocketing, and businesses are suffering.

  5. The hostess a couple weeks ago at Luca Osteria is an obnoxious person. Customers should not have to endure that attitude, as if they were the last Pepsi in the desert, as they say. If that’s the kind of environment cultivated at Luca, not even the most delicious pasta will be able to save it.

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