Traffic Calming Community Meeting On Zone 4 (3/2)

Share your thoughts and opinions regarding traffic calming during a Zoom workshop for ‘Zone 4’ which is the area within the City of Coral Gables that is south of Bird Road (S.W. 40 St.) and north of US-1.

Workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, March 2 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.  You can join the meeting via Zoom or visit the project website by clicking the button below. If you need any additional information, please contact Melissa De Zayas at (786) 494-0996.

To view information on the project, click here


7 thoughts on “Traffic Calming Community Meeting On Zone 4 (3/2)

  1. We thank the City of Coral Gables for working on the traffic calming plans and bike and pedestrian friendly streets. for the last several years. We have gone to meetings, hearings, street walk through s, written comments and spoken at informational and commission meetings. We do want traffic calming, but we also want safer neighborhoods for us and our kids. We would like sidewalks in zone 4 and bike paths. It’s great to slow down traffic but neighbors need options for traversing our streets. We live on Alhambra Circle. We have a park 3 blocks away. Our neighbors with little kids have no way to get there but to push their strollers on the street. This creates an unsafe situation. COVID has had us find joy in being outside. We and our neighbors have been riding our bikes and walking and running extensively in our neighborhood. Let’s make our neighborhoods safe and add sidewalks and bike paths as part of our traffic calming and pedestrian safety project.

  2. I’ve been to several traffic calming meetings over the years. Some things were done in my area (around Blue Road and Alhambra Circle) a few years ago and worked! But in other cases I’ve seen 1) traffic circles and turn diverters installed and then subsequently torn out, 2) data from traffic counts and speed tracking not rising to the level for traffic calming per county guidelines, and 3) neighbors voting against simple measures because of a perception that they would reduce property values. So let city staff know about problem areas but don’t get your hopes up.

  3. Our understanding is there is no “ballots” yet. It’s a staff proposal to demonstrate what they will be then balloting based on community input.

  4. Who got ballots? I didn’t, and I live on a street in the area, one between two that will get traffic circles. Don’t I qualify? (And is it one ballot per voter, or one per household?)

    PS I tried emailing the address in the document, [email protected], that they say to write to for more information, and it bounced ‘no such user’.

  5. I am a long time resident of coral gables. Over the years I have seen too many cars speed past the intersection of Mariposa and Turin St. I feel that a traffic circle will beautify this large non-symmetrical intersection and calm traffic at the same time.

  6. Hi: even though my concern is not related to that specific area, I would like to bring up a serious issue that has be n happening right on my building’s corner.
    The exact address is on Biltmore Way and Anderson Ave. That intersection, which only has a two way Stop sign, is a constant source of accidents.
    Perhaps a 4 way stop is the cheapest solution. (Of course, a roundabout would be great).
    Please, I would appreciate if you can redirect me to the right department?

  7. Traffic circles are a traffic hazard because 95% of our drivers have no idea of what a Yield sign means. Most of them probably don’t even know what yield means period.

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