Two Coral Gables School PTSAs Win COVID-19 Phase 1 Grants

George Washington Carver Elementary and Ponce de Leon Middle School PTSAs have each won a $5,000 COVID-19 Phase 1 Grant.

The grants are part of a national initiative from the National PTA in conjunction with TikTok to support COVID-19 initiatives. In total $1.25 million are being distributed to Local and Region PTAs to address Food Security, Mental Health/Social Emotional Support, Distance Learning or Internet and Device Access.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools had three recipients of this Phase 1 grant. They said the following about the Coral Gables recipients.

“George Washington Carver Elementary PTA received their $5,000 grant to address Socio-emotional needs in their community. The PTA will host ZUMBA classes and other events to help relieve stress and promote mental health.”

“Ponce de Leon Middle School PTSA won the $5,000 Phase 1 Covid Grant and plan to use it to support students in the neighborhood by alleviating food insecurity over the summer. In collaboration with the START program, they will distribute WEEKEND FOOD BAGS to participating students.”


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