Ultra Postponed, Carnaval On The Mile Moving Forward As Scheduled

On Wednesday, City of Miami officials met with the organizers of the Ultra Music Festival and both sides agreed to postpone the music festival indefinitely, due to the concern over the potential spread of COVID-19, Coronavirus.

The move comes after days of community debate over whether holding the event would subject South Florida residents to an unnecessary spread of the deadly virus.

In Coral Gables, City officials have confirmed to Gables Insider, that Carnaval on the Mile will be held this weekend as scheduled.

Gables Insider inquired as to what measures would be taken to help protect participants from potential exposure. The City informed us that, “CDC guidelines have been communicated to the event organizers. Event coordinators have included CDC protective measures into their event planning. They remain proactive and open communication is ongoing. Specific action plans by the organizers includes: Event Organizers and City Administration continue with open dialogue; CDC print literature exchanged and will be on site for public distribution; Access to City website COVID-19 link with pertinent information: https://www.coralgables.com/Emergency; Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Stations throughout event with emphasis near food areas; Volunteers and event staff will be encouraged to remain home if sick; and Organizers emergency plan includes referral of any patron with a medical emergency to Fire Personnel that will be staffing the event.”

Gables Insider reached out to event organizers, but no response was received.


2 thoughts on “Ultra Postponed, Carnaval On The Mile Moving Forward As Scheduled

  1. Gables politicians are too beholden to our business community to cancel Calle 8, regardless of obvious potential consequences for us. The snafu with the PA announcement from City Hall is confirmation City Hall is doing its best to minimize concerns about CV at Calle 8. It’s not a stupid screwup by PA Mgr.
    in any case, Calle 8 in the Gables is an event that attracts primarily elements that don’t live in the Gables, featuring loud, cheap music in a bazaar atmosphere, at the expense, and potential infection, of the residents.

  2. So whats going on? My sister just called me and said that they are still reviewing if to have it or not…she just saw it on the news…the same way they are reviewing Calle 8…I’m a store owner on The Mile…Please advice..

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