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Not even day one of the regular season and I am already not agreeing with JD’s decision as Gage to be the starter for Friday. They can dazzle you with stats and history “as being our most consistent guy in the rotation” but that was last year. The question that should be looked at is what has he done lately. This is why we have preseason and for the entire preseason, his numbers don’t come close to what Rafe or even Herick has provided. JD and Laz see all three every day and should have a much better feel, but from the times I have observed Gage he hasn’t measured up to the other two. The same can be said “What have you done lately” referring to Blake Cyr vs Dorian Gonzalez. You can’t rely on the hype and preseason accolades. Dorian is the better all-around player based on what he has shown during the fall and spring preseason. Dorian has been a consistent hitter throughout the preseason and while Blake has had his moments they were few and far between.  I am not even going to discuss defensively where the difference is all too obvious. The question of shortstop. Do we start the person with the hype from what he did last year and the awards received or do you once again evaluate what has he done lately? JD Ursa is still trying to adjust from Division 2 to Division 1. He hasn’t been all that impressive during preseason defensively or with the bat. I guess I am spoiled with the throwing arm of Dom Pitelli who had a rifle of a throw. Not saying JD won’t eventually be able to make the deep throw with authority, but it is not there now. I would prefer Antonio Jimenez to start even though he hasn’t had all those glowing preseason reviews as JD, but like Dominic and Rafe and even Herick they have shown what lately what they have done lately. 

Fortunately, we are not starting against a top-quality team in the way of NJ Tech and Long Island so we can do a bit of experimenting with who should be playing where. In the 4 game series with NJ, everyone should have the opportunity to throw their hat in the ring with the best choice to come out of it. Preseason is behind us. As for our OF, If we are to follow the guidance of JD, Jacoby based on what he provided at the end of last season, will be starting in center this Friday. Missing most of the spring preseason he had a lot of ground to make up but he appears to be on the right track to own centerfield for this season. That would move Edgardo to left and Lucas Costello to capture right. As for Lorenzo, he has shown that LF is more desirable for him than right where he has problems finding the ball. Still, You can’t remove Edgardo from the lineup making Carrier our DH where he has shown stellar hitting power. Catching is a toss-up. Preseason goes to Scanlon for what he has shown lately. Hitting was his major flaw last year and this was a different Jack the past couple of months during preseason. I wouldn’t be upset with either and Perez has last year’s experience. It wouldn’t surprise me that both see equal time until one of them breaks away from the other.  No longer are we playing against each other so we will see how right or wrong my observations have been.



  1. Really enjoy continuing to see Mike’s great input and comments about Hurricanes baseball year after year!
    From preseason all the way into the season , always a great insight on what goes on at the field.
    If you can’t make it to a game or can’t catch the broadcast when the regular season starts, you will know exactly what happens by reading his write up after the game. Such thorough work by a passionate baseball fan.

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