Your Quick-Guide to the Nov. 12th Commission Meeting

By: Ruben Escobar, Coral Gables Senior High, Senior

Debating on how to spend your Tuesday morning? Here’s an overview of what we can expect to take place at the November 12th City Commission Meeting.

You can view the meeting LIVE by clicking on this link:

Sidewalks, Under the “Mayors Comments” portion of the agenda, the mayor will be speaking about sidewalks. We’re unsure what exactly his comments will be, but sidewalks has been a point of contention. Some want them, some don’t. The City has been working diligently to promote the Alhambra Complete Streets project which includes adding sidewalks where none exist and possibly widening the existing sidewalk to double-width to promote a shared use path which includes bicyclists. 

Called In, Zoning Code Consultant Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk has been called in by the commission. After an unsuccessful motion by Keon to ‘carve out’ the new update to the zoning code which deal with the proposed hotel development on 220 Miracle Mile, the commission agreed to have the consultant come in and answer on the record if having her work looking at piecemeal rather than as a whole is a good idea. 

The consultants review should be done by late December and would be fully ratified by March, April at the latest after public hearings and discussion. However, Keon feels it could be an ‘opportunity’ to see her work that deals with 220 Miracle Mile sooner rather than later. Her colleagues want to hear from Plater-Zyberk herself in the chambers. 

Personal Appearance by County Commissioner Esteban L. Bovo, Jr., discussing the 2020 Census.

Personal Appearance by John Thompson, regarding ALPR camera. We recently highlighted that a lawsuit is moving forward and is in the ‘discovery phase’ filed by resident Raul Mas Canosa who claims the city is violating the United States and the State of Florida constitutions. 

Lighting up the night, The Coral Gables Community Foundation (CGCF) will be giving a presentation on Illuminate Coral Gables (ICG), South Florida’s first art and light festival coming in January 2021. The ICG website features a countdown to the event’s debut and information on what it already has in store: eight galleries, twelve installations, and twenty-one speakers.

The festival’s organizers promise that the event will bring downtown Coral Gables to life. With projection mapping and interactive installations, the CGCF hopes to tap into the tourist market and bring new customers and residents to the small merchants in the Gables. With a year ahead, there is only more to be arranged for the city-wide, night-time art exhibition.

Undergrounding Utilities, The debate of moving power lines underground continues. City Manager Peter Iglesias will present an initial rough costs for plans to fund the burial of utilities. Several commissioners have said that the decision to move forward with undergrounding will be dealt with a referendum in which the voters would decide if the project would move forward. The cost of the project for the City of Coral Gables would approximately be between $250 and $275 million. However, the conversion would only cost $25k per household. We may be seeing this item on the 2020 or 2021 ballot. 

Parking Lot for Sale, The back and forth between The City of Coral Gables and Doctors Hospital may be coming to a conclusion. The City Manager will present the commission with an ‘update’. The sale of the lot has been years in the making. 

For a FULL COPY of the Agenda, Click Here.


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  1. Speaking of “underground”, when is the City going to install a real sewer system throughout the City and replace those old septic tanks which are a potential threat to the biscayne aquifer (our WATER supply) and our health. I believe it will only be a matter of time before the EPA steps in.

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