Banned for 120 Days: CBD Stores and Vape Shops

At the October 22nd City Commission meeting, Coral Gables, at the request of City Manager Peter Iglesias temporarily banned businesses that engage in primarily selling CBD products and vape shops.

Due to the developing and evolving regulatory environment for CBD and the unknown health effects of vaping, the city manager wants staff to have the time to evaluate regulations and if necessary, propose amendments to the city’s zoning code. The city commission unanimously granted his request.

Specifically, the city called for a suspension of processing of applications for, and the issuance of permits, sit plan approvals, business tax receipts, or any other official action of the City of Coral Gables permitting or having the effect of allowing the operation of a retail business engaged in the sale of products that that contain CBD as a primary retail product or vape shops.

The suspension for both the banning of CBD stores and vape shops is for 120 days and can be extended with commission approval.

Vice Mayor Vince Lago stated that the CBD resolution does not affect anyone who is receiving medical cannabis.

It should be noted that Coral Gables does not allow medicinal cannabis dispensaries in the city.

 “I’m voting in favor of these moratoriums to give staff an opportunity to decide how they think we should approach this. At the same time, I don’t want in any way forecast that I believe that a permanent zoning change to address these things is the right answer.” said Commissioner Michael Mena after the second vote banning vape shops at the meeting.

Click Here to view the CBD Product Resolution

Click Here to view the Vape Shop Resolution


2 thoughts on “Banned for 120 Days: CBD Stores and Vape Shops

  1. Unfortunately there’s no specific as to when the FDA will release their statement regarding the CBD. Thus I guess that 120 days might extend unless they’re looking into other claims confirmation

  2. I smoked cigarettes for 43 yrs…my mother who’s 82, has smoked cigarettes for over 60 yrs. Both of us vape & our health has improved dramatically w/this choice. Our doctors & dentist’s are in awe. No, I don’t own a vape shop. Cigarettes have over 4000 chemicals, vape juices can have up to 3 – nicotine being 1, if one wants to add, which by the way is NOT a cancerous substance – it’s like caffeine. Smoking & vaping are not the same at all. Vaping gives off vapor not smoke-there’s no combustion & uses a lion battery just like used in flashlights, cellphones, or laptops.
    It’s sad to see what’s going on & that some teens have tinkered w/these wonderful products that are supposed to be made mainly of vegetable glycerine (found in toothpaste, mouthwashes, etc.). Think of the millions & millions of lives that are saved by vaping-mainly adults who smoked. Wished I’d had this choice as a teen from cigarettes sold everywhere legally – even grocery stores. Please, don’t harm local vape shops any further for misinformation or limit them as they are a God send to millions of adults, that will end up smoking cigarettes again & will certainly put us 6ft under, once & for all.
    Thanks for reading

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