Candidates Set For Coral Gables April 13th Election

The qualifying period for the April 13th Coral Gables municipal election officially closed at noon today setting the table for the open Mayoral seat and two open Commission seats.


Coral Gables Mayor Raul-Valdes-Fauli announced shortly after the 2019 election he would be retiring at the end of this term, opening the mayor’s seat on the Commission in April.

The race for Mayor is between three candidates, in alphabetical order, Jackson Rip Holmes, Commissioner Patricia Keon and Vice Mayor Vince Lago.

Lago and Keon were both elected to the Commission in 2013. Their Mayoral candidacies have setup two open Commission seats, as both Lago and Keon were up for reelection this year.


Commission Group II, the seat vacated by Vice Mayor Lago, has six candidates vying for the seat.

The candidates, in alphabetical order, are Rhonda Anne Anderson, Tania Cruz-Gimenez, Alexander Haq, Mayra Joli, Claudia Miro and Jose Valdes-Fauli.


Commission Group III, the seat vacated by Commission Keon, has four candidates running.

The candidates, in alphabetical order, are Javier Baños, Alex Bucelo, Kirk Menendez and Phillip “PJ” Mitchell.


Coral Gables Commissioners do not represent individual districts, they represent the entire City. The Mayor is elected to a 2-year term and Commissioners are elected to 4-year terms. Residents throughout the City vote for the Mayor and all four Commissioners.

Two commission seats are up for election every two years. Group IV (Commissioner Jorge L. Fors, Jr.) and Group V (Commissioner Michael Mena) were up for election in 2019 and will be up for election again in 2023.


The municipal election will take place on April 13th with any potential runoffs taking place on April 27th.

Residents who wish to vote by mail, can request their vote by mail ballots from the Miami-Dade elections department.

Early voting will be available on the Saturday and Sunday prior to the April 13th election, as well as the April 27th runoff.


12 thoughts on “Candidates Set For Coral Gables April 13th Election

  1. I will not give my vote this April to any candidate that I feel failed to protect our community against Covid-19. You all sat on the sideline, while cases in the hundreds were being reported daily last summer in Coral Gables and our surrounding areas, and our citizens were desperate trying to figure out what to do and where to go…oh sure, you posted updates on your city website, guess assuming everyone is computer savvy.
    Look, when you hear the Mayor tested positive for the virus, the alarm should have gone off, but it didn’t, and that speaks volume about every one of you.
    To make matters worse, they had a whole year to prepare and plan sites for both testing and to procure locations ready to execute mass vaccination for our 65+ residents the moment a vaccine became available….but did any of them they get in front of it ? No, they did not.
    This is how some of these elected by us officials handled a real and deadly crisis, and I will not support any of them come April.
    They all been sitting at their desks too long, and have become soggy and stale with their responsibility. Rather than working on our issues, they are working on our zoning codes ! That’s infuriating and unacceptable.
    We need new candidates who mirrow our current diverse community, our concerns and our needs.
    Candidates who will put us first, not last.
    City official who will defend and work for our citizens, our rights and our safety, not their personal and political agenda.
    Get informed, do the homework. Don’t vote because of familiar names, or because you’re being asked to. Exercise your right, your vote, your conscience…don’t just throw your voice away!
    #VoteForNewCandidates #VoiceYourVote

  2. Please also publish the deadline to register to vote so that one can participate in the April election cycle.

  3. One thing is certain. We need women on that dias. There are too many men leading with their egos and not their hearts. Thanks for the info, GI.

  4. Could you please post (1) Mr. Lago’s and Ms. Keon’s voting record on key votes taken during their time on the Commission and (2)?each candidate’s position on key issues for us? That would be very helpful. Thanks for your efforts.

  5. Gables Insider is doing a HEROIC JOB of trying to save Coral Gables from becoming another overdeveloped, crime-infested, City of Miami.

    It is people vs money. A nightmare horror movie is playing out with money-and-dishonesty beating voters, on the Zoning Code Rewrite.

    Thank you.


    Jaxkson Rip Holmes

  6. Thanks for the information. Could be possible to have more information about the role of the Commisioners as much as additional information about the background of the new applicants
    Or you can simply mention where can I get this information.
    Best regards

    The HUGE buildings on U.S.1 and on Ponce de Leon have turned the Gables into a CONCRETE JUNGLE.

  8. The race for Mayor is a crystal clear choice. Keon who only has eyes for what she thinks we need and a developers amiga or Lago who listens and supports the people who put him there and has always been fair. Keon mostly votes with the arognant Valdes Fauli or Lago who votes his heart and for his residents. We have no room for a mistake.

  9. Since the Commissioners are elected city wide, why do they run in districts. It would seem simpler if the top two forgetters are elected rather than one from column A and one from Column B. I understand the historical reason for the districts but that reasoning no longer applies.

  10. Thanks for keeping the voters of Coral Gables informed. Let’s hope many of them will take the opportunity to learn about their choices and then follow through and vote. I am glad we will have early voting for the first time in the Gables at the library on the Saturday and Sunday preceeding April 13th. Jeannett Slesnick

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