Coral Gables Senior High School Reaches Mars

Last week, the Mars Perseverance Rover successfully touchdown on the surface of Mars and has been sending high resolution images of the planet back to earth, and for the first time sounds from the planet.

The long-planned mission, with hundreds of individuals in its team, has already been deemed a success.

The mission’s Engineering Operations Team Chief, Daniel Zayas, is a proud alumni of Coral Gables Senior High School.

Zayas “oversees the System and Subsystem Engineering teams responsible for the health and safety of the Perserverance rover. He also supports tactical operations as spacecraft lead.” (courtesy of NASA).

“Daniel has worked at JPL since 2008 and has spent most of his career supporting Mars Mission Operations. He previously served as Mission Lead and Deputy EO Team Chief for NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission, and throughout his 7+ years on that mission, he also held numerous tactical operations roles including Tactical Downlink Lead, Engineering Uplink Lead, and Thermal Operations Team Lead. Before joining the Mars Science Lab team, he spent the first part of his career designing and delivering thermal hardware for spacecraft and instruments, most notably serving as Thermal Cognizant Engineer for the Cold Atom Lab and OPALS missions.”

Coral Gables Senior High School took to Twitter to share the pride of Cavs Nation for Zayas’ accomplishment.


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  1. Wow!!this is so amazing! I am so proud of Danny!! What an accomplishment! #cghs #coralgableshighalumni

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