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City Manager Meets With Alice Bravo

Last month, questions were brought out by members of the media about potential lobbying of County Commissioners by former Miami-Dade County Director of Transportation and Public Works, Alice Bravo. County employees have a two year period during which they are banned from lobbying. The matter has led to an Ethics complaint filed in the matter.

Gables Insider has since learned that, on the morning the story broke, Coral Gables City Manager had breakfast with Bravo at Off the Mile. Over the last two week, we have asked the Manager for the reasoning behind the meeting, as Bravo is not currently registered to lobby in Coral Gables. After ignoring emails and text messages, the Manager replied through the City’s Communications Director, stating that he does not need to provide any information about his meeting with Bravo to anyone.

Meeting Held To Present Residents With Ponce Park Residences Project

As previously reported on Gables Insider, Allen Morris, developer of the proposed Ponce Park Tower project at the corner of Ponce de Leon Boulevard and University Drive, held a meeting on Tuesday, June 1st.

As we mentioned, the project calls for the City vacating over 16,000 square feet to enable the development larger building capacity. Gables Insider has learned that the development team expressed at the meeting that the idea for the vacation of the land was not theirs, it actually came from City staff. The developer also confirmed that they can only build up to 75 feet of height under the current code. Their proposed project is for 179 feet of height.

Gables Family Literacy Festival: A Success

On Saturday, March 29th, the City of Coral Gables held its first annual Literacy Festival. The event featured activities, a book fair and online resources for those who wanted to participate remotely. Over 1,500 people participated in this free event at the War Memorial Youth Center, geared towards promoting literacy for children between school years.

City Honors The Fallen On Memorial Day

The City of Coral Gables held its annual Memorial Day ceremony at the War Memorial Youth Center on Memorial Day, May 31st. Members of the Commission were present and spoke in remembrance. Girl Scouts from Troop 64 and Troop 367 laid flowers at the memorial to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our freedom.

No City 4th Of July Celebration

The City of Coral Gables has announced that there will not be a City 4th of July celebration at the Biltmore Hotel for the second year in a row. “The City of Coral Gables will not be holding its “A Gables Fourth” Fourth of July Celebration and Fireworks Extravaganza this year. While many restrictions have been lifted and Coral Gables has begun planning and hosting smaller events, an event of the size and scope of the Fourth of July celebration is not feasible at this time.  We look forward to the 2022 edition.” The City will be saving approximately $150,000 by not holding the Independence Day event.


5 thoughts on “Coral Gables Happenings

  1. The incestuous relationship among local public employees is scandalous. It seems like our CM will not hire anyone other than “yes” men (or women)
    who proved their aptitude at the City of Miami.
    CM has always sucked up to Alice Bravo.

  2. If Allen Morris knows the zoning allows 75 feet, why should he be asking over twice as much?

  3. Come on fellow residents…are we so ignorant to think all is clean and smooth with our “transparent” city government….PLEASE, everywhere they step the crap just oozes out from under them.

  4. I guess it was a private lunch and that’s why he doesn’t have to explain what it was about! Oh, the word on the street is that she will be our next Assistant City Manager. It won’t be the first time that someone under investigation gets hired by the City Beautiful. And of course only people that used to be employees by other municipalities are good enough for us. Shameful!!

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