Coral Gables To Reopen COVID-19 Testing Site Next Week

After several weeks of growing COVID-19 numbers in Coral Gables, the City of Coral Gables Commission voted unanimously on July 14th, to reopen the city’s COVID-19 testing site for residents only.

Coral Gables Fire Chief, Marcos de la Rosa, confirmed the site would reopen within a week.

Testing details will be released by the City closer to the site’s reopening, but the Commission did vote to pass the cost of testing ($95) directly to the patient and the appointments will once again be made through the online appointment portal.


12 thoughts on “Coral Gables To Reopen COVID-19 Testing Site Next Week

  1. It is worth it not having to wait hours in line at Hard Rock especially if you are not feeling well. Just submit your receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement.

  2. Hi
    My daughter finished her LLM in Law at University of Miami. She has lived at Red Road Commons for the past year. We will be traveling from Puerto Rico July 26 and returning to Puerto Rico on July 31. The purpose of the trip is to move from the apartment as lease ends on July 31. We tried to extended the lease month by month until the crisis of COVID subsides to go and move everything out of the apartment and send her belongings to Puerto Rico but we were told it is not possible to extend it. Puerto Rico just put in place an order that a COVID molecular test is necessary for re entry. Do we qualify for testing if so were do we get an appointment and how long would the results take? Thanking you for your prompt attention to this matter.
    Dr. Vidal

  3. The at cost per test is $75, the city added a $20 ‘admin’ buffer to cover costs such as police and fire that are on site.

  4. I am travelling and being prudent I would like to be tested before travel.

    Can you provide me with the exact address of the portal?

  5. We’ve been hearing about 33 Florida labs which are falsifying COVID-19 test results, making them all positive. The death rate in Florida remains low. This never made sense to us until now! What the hell is going on? Our lives will not be politicized! Our politicians need to get answers – NOW!

  6. How do I find out when it opens and if I need an appointment. I had contact with a covid positive patient and I have been with a huge headache, sinus pressure and weakness. We are 3 people in this household, coral Gables residents.

  7. $95.00 Charge! That is outragious!! I have been tested at County sites and I have paid NOTHING!! Besides I have good insurance and they should accept our policies to pay for the tests. I have Medicare with a High Option Av Med policy.

    Please reconsider the charges being paid by the patient. President Trump has said in many occasions
    that the citizens of the USA, regardless of income, would not be paying for testing charges!!

  8. Why is the testing cost being passed to patient? This is a huge problem. If individuals have to dish out $95 per test, many will not be tested if they’ve been exposed and will could potentially transmit the virus asymptotically.

  9. Ridiculous that Coral Gables residents are obligated to pay considering the taxes we pay – another money making scheme???? Because it should be administered at NO COST!!

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