COVID-19 Test Site Reopening Date Still Unknown

After several weeks of growing COVID-19 numbers in Coral Gables, the City of Coral Gables Commission voted unanimously on July 14th, to reopen the city’s COVID-19 testing site for residents only.

During the meeting, Coral Gables Fire Chief, Marcos de la Rosa, confirmed the site would reopen within a week, however, as of today the City has not been able to setup the appointment system and it is unclear whether a Tuesday reopening is realistic.

Although residents have been asking for a reopening of the site for several weeks and the Commission has been asking for a plan, the City Administration has failed to execute its plan. Afterall, City Manager Peter Iglesias, did not believe the City needed to implement testing and even suggested there is sufficient private testing options and state testing.

Testing details will be released by the City closer to the site’s reopening, but the Commission did vote to pass the cost of $95 per test ($75 test cost $20 city admin fee) directly to the patient and the appointments will once again be made through the online appointment portal.


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