Cuba Demonstration Sunday Leads To Two Arrests By CGPD

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On Sunday, July 31st, members of the Cuban totalitarian regime supporting Puentes de Amor (Bridges of Love) and anti-regime Cuban American exiles held counter demonstrations in the City of Coral Gables.

Police intervention was necessary due to an incident which Police explained placed individuals at risk.

Arrested were Seriocha Humberto Fernandez and Fernando Hiran Rodriguez.

Coral Gables Police Department’s Statement Describing The Incident

Coral Gables Police Department released the following statement regarding the incident:

On Sunday morning July 31, 2022, two groups with opposing views arrived at the 1100 block of Ponce de Leon Blvd. in Coral Gables to demonstrate. The City of Coral Gables Police Department had predesignated units assigned to the area to ensure a peaceful demonstration and keep the groups separate and safe.

During the demonstration, an individual used a flammable substance to ignite and burn a flag. This occurred in the middle of a group of people that had gathered on the street creating a dangerous situation. As officers placed the offender in custody several individuals in proximity began to interfere in the arrest. One person grabbed an officer to stop him from escorting the arrested individual to a waiting police vehicle.

Officers at the scene then attempted to place this second individual in custody and struggled to detain him since he actively and passively resisted the officer’s commands.

While Coral Gables Police Officers currently do not wear body cameras, we have reviewed several videos which will be sent to the State Attorney’s Office. These videos clearly demonstrate the second arrestee holding his hands behind his back and intentionally bumping into officers who were attempting to restore order and clear the blocked roadway.

Officers and Supervisors were confronted by persons who were agitated, confrontational, and obstinate. While Officers could have made additional arrests, they exercised discretion to de-escalate the situation. Once order was restored, the event ended.

After an initial review of the videos on social media, there is no indication that Coral Gables Police Officers on the scene acted outside the color of law or took any inappropriate action. The U.S. Constitution and State of Florida laws govern how police departments must protect the right of freedom of expression for all, regardless of the issue.

Statement by Coral Gables Mayor Vince Lago

In a message on social media, Coral Gables Mayor Vince Lago stated that: “Today there was a demonstration in @CityCoralGables organized by Puentes De Amor. While I abhor the message they put forth, their right to demonstrate is protected by the United States Constitution. Puentes is paid by the regime to move forward an economic agenda. We are blessed to live in this great Country that provides freedom of speech to all. As a son of Cuban refugees who fled communist oppression, I oppose the lifting of the embargo and this group’s message. I stand unequivocally with the political prisoners and activists fighting for a free and democratic Cuba. Viva Cuba Libre and God Bless America!”


11 thoughts on “Cuba Demonstration Sunday Leads To Two Arrests By CGPD

  1. The 2 parks were closed knowing that protesters will come to CG. Why the peace in the neighborhood needs to be taken away with people parking illegally, noise, and rude yells between them. On a peaceful Protest according to them!. Police is doing the right thing . All this patriotic people should be sent back to Cuba to ask for freedom in their country not here we’re they have too much of it!!!

  2. We don’t need this crap in our city! Good for the police officers doing their job! This city is changing by the minute!

  3. Juana, the most beautiful buildings in Coral Gables & Miami are from the ‘20s & ‘50s, before the great influx of Cubans. 27th AV is called UNITY Avenue for a reason. Your comments about Cubans making Miami/ the Gables so great really pisses off non-Cubans. You are being as obnoxious as the gringos with the Last one, take the flag bumper stickers. I TRULY preferred the era of Mauricio Ferre in Miami and Corrigan, Kerdyk in the Gables. Maybe it was a better era? Less scum from all over the United States, Latin America & the Caribbean. Lots of trashy people from the rest of the United States have relocated here to take advantage of their better English in the job market. Cuba was a haven for leftist Spaniards from Cataluña, Valencia & Andalucía, hence the Cuban Revolution. How funny so many in Miami Cubans claim to be right wingers when abuelo & abuela were anti Franco, leftists who fled Spain, and envious of the Spanish & US residents with prosperous businesses in Cuba.

  4. It’s a shame when you have an American police force defend communist on US soil. Yes we are a free country and we have the right to protest but when you attack protesters unprovoked that are standing up for freedom it makes me ashamed of the man and women that are paid by our tax dollars to protect law abiding citizens that are practicing our constitutional rights to protest against a murderous dictatorship it fills me with doubt about whom the police force is really working for. Burning a communist flag that stands for terrorism on US soil is not a crime. SMH Abajo la dictadura y que viva Cuba libre. Patria y Vida 🇨🇺
    Ace.Boogies.10467 @SosCubanyc

  5. Done thorough research on “Puentes de Amor” and the only thing they are is a “Puente” de comunistas. They work alongside The Peoples Forum and Code Pink. Those organizations are Marxist Communists. A quick google search and some dedicated time will show that what I am saying is no conspiracy, this is fact. The photographs are all on the Internet with the Dictator of Diaz Canel. The other organizations that Puentes de Amor works with sell Communist/Marxist literature/stickers/journals, promote and “educate” people. They don’t hide the fact that they’re communist. Puentes the Amor and ALL who support them are complicit to the communist/socialist/Marxist agenda. It’s disgusting that the CORAL GABLES PD would side with these communists instead of the exile community. Remember who made MIAMI! It was the Cuban Exiles that made Miami and your prosperous Coral Gables. Turn your back on the community that made your city. This is why MIAMI is going down hill and why you have Communist cafes/restaurants, nonprofit organizations, Miami Democratic Socialists, and a ton of ANTIFA. Sigan en la boberia que Miami will be California and New York soon!

  6. “During the demonstration, an individual used a flammable substance to ignite and burn a flag.”





    MAX LESNICK a Coral Gables resident investigated by the FBI and CIA who was present with CARLOS LAZO and PUENTES DE LECHE as they have been dubbed by the exile community because of their ties with CODEPINK in an effort to subvert the EMBARGO by sending powdered MILK to Cuba. Why does CUBA need powdered milk? Why is the island suffering from malnutrition while the communist government agents all have plump bellies?


    1. ALIANZA MARTIANA y el July 26 Communist Movement (MAX LESNICK, Director)

    2. Democratic Socialists of America MIAMI –

    3. CODEPINK –

    4. People’s Forum NYC (Socialist Bookstore) –

    5. ELENA FREYRE (Coral Gables resident) PAZAMOR / ALIANZA MARTIANA (President)

    Puentes De “Leche”

  7. Police force was not necessary. First of all burning a flag is not illegal it is considered a form of freedom of speech that is protected by the Supreme Court. Second of all they burn a communist flag in a safe area where was contained and no one was at harm. Lastly one of the gentleman that was arrested her two knees placed on him simultaneously on his neck by two officers at the same time. It is absolutely disgusting that the Coral Gables police Department arrested these two men were exhibiting their freedom of speech by burning the communist flag. It is revolting that the city of Coral Gables is allowing these communist organizations to receive permits To spread false information. One thing is to allow people with opposing views to use their freedom of speech and another thing is to give permits to organizations that are letting the city know in advance so they will be spreading false information and communist propaganda because there is no blockade in Cuba. By allowing them to have these permits they are being accomplices with the dictatorship in Cuba because we all know that there is no blockade in Cuba and they are misinforming our community and the tourist at visit our community. And while the city might be scared to deny the permits because they are going to get sued by these communist organizations, they will be getting sued for allowing misinformation in our city and for wrongly arresting these gentlemen that were exhibiting their freedom of speech burning a communist flag.

  8. After the flag was burned, there was no danger…the police attacked afterwards. No justificación, I was there 1st hand view…police used excessive force. Instead of questioning them the group defending terrorism? Carlos Lazo has always stated its not a political organization, yet they took out the 26 flag 1st to shove in our face a flag that stands for terrorism…but you were not there to support so you have no 1st hand knowledge. ONE SIDED STORY IS WHAT I SEE. When has it been a crime to burn a terrorist flag…one that represents human trafficking.
    Didn’t black lives burn our #USA flag..and you went down on one knee for them.and yet here we are the ones that support the police with no support from them…something is wrong here…@CoralGablesPD…realign with the people on the right side…the USA FREEDOM side…not the commies…I a US citizen by birth 1st Generation Cuban Americans…felt persecuted while I was defending our country ideology of freedom you are defending them not safe at all…we have cameras too…I’ve supported my police…I admire the police force…but the guy in green/blue he was the boss there not coral gables…were you paid…the whole 2 to 3 hrs the police were standing with there backs to the Communist and full force toward us…

    When we burned the flag we were in a circle…alcohol was put on the terrorist flag…no one was in danger…I was right there. Totally ashamed of this police force…they never see action so they used combat tactics amd at any moment I could have been arrested…just for defending our country

  9. It’s 2022 time for CGPD to wear body cameras. We have drones but no body cams. Makes sense.

  10. Would Puentes de Amor support a demonstration against the Communist regime by the Ladies in White in Havana? It is very easy to be a demonstrator in a democracy BUT impossible in a totalitarian regime !!!

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