Fairchild Tropical Garden & NASA Need Your Help To Grow Plants In Space

Fairchild Tropical Garden and NASA have been partners in identifying and grown edible plants in space through their Growing Beyond Earth (GBE) Program.

They are now seeking assistance in re-imagining new ways to grow plants in space.

“As NASA looks toward Mars and a long-term human presence beyond Earth orbit, they face specific challenges related to food production in space. The main challenges: 1) how to efficiently use three-dimensional plant growing space aboard spacecraft, (2) how to maintain plants without human intervention, and (3) how to design a fully automated robotic planting and harvesting system. In the first phase, we’re hoping that at least 100 teams will submit ideas. From there, 15 teams will be awarded $500 to build their prototypes.

To apply for the Maker Contest, visit Instructables. Designs must be submitted by February 3, 2020, and the winning designs will be announced February 14, 2020. Judges for this contest will include NASA engineers and botanists, and winning proposals will be considered for implementation on future NASA missions.” – Amy Padolf, Director of Education at Fairchild.

For more information, there will be a webinar this Wednesday, July 24th from 4:00-5:00PM EDT. Zoom Call in number: +1 646 558 8656 and Meeting ID: 305 978 5074.

“Also, below is a 1 ½ minute video from NASA about the Maker Contest below and their food production challenges. The video is from Ralph Fritsche, Senior Project Manager for Food Production in Support of Deep Space Exploration at NASA.  According to Fritsche, NASA is counting on the community to help with this initiative.” added Padolf.

NASA VIDEO: NASA’s Ralph Fritsche about Food Production in Space  


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