5 thoughts on “Leaders & Coffee: Mayor Raul Valdes-Fauli

  1. Well 70 voters in that age group because who at that age live on their own and can afford the current rising leases and housing in the Gables? Let’s be real.

  2. Nice interview. The City is continuing to go in the right direction under the current group of leaders, including Mayor Valdez-Fauli. Miracle Mile was awful years ago with uninviting storefronts.

    Is it true that of the 90,000 voters at last election only 70 were younger than 25 years? That must change, and we need to get there younger folks involved with out City.

  3. Because of the satisfactory leadership of Mayor Valdes-Fauli,
    Coral Gables has regained its beautiful European flavor,
    with the improvements at Miracle Mile and Giralda’s Avenues,
    now a delight to walk and enjoy!
    Hugo Castro, President
    Hispanic American Bankers Association

  4. Coral Gables will be a much better city because of Mayor Valdez-Fauli’s years of service and commitment.

  5. Always a fan of this gentleman! Thanks for this casual and insightful interview.

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