Hurricane Season Begins Today – Gables Insider Hurricane Guide

Today marks the first day of the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season. The season officially lasts six months stretching from June 1st through November 30th. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) meteorologists have predicted that 2020 will be an “above-normal” storm season for us.

During the 2019 season, we had eighteen named storms, six of which grew to become Hurricanes.

As we begin the season, it is important to prepare early. Preparing our homes may include cutting back trees or other plants that can pose a danger to our families safety. As Gables residents, we love our lush tree canopy and tropical plants as it adds to the City Beautiful’s allure. Although tree trimming contractors and FPL work year-round to clear debris from the power transmission lines in and around our neighborhoods, branches from trees that are not near the power lines also need to be tended to.

The COVID-19 pandemic may present some new challenges to preparing your Personal items in case of a storm. Availability of some food items and cleaning supplies may have been affected over the last three months. The good news is that we now have an abundance of options to procure these items from new sources. Online delivery services can bring some of these necessary products, right to your doorstep. Some of our local businesses have also altered their business models to better suit us.

To preempt any shortages, it would be important to begin stocking up on water, food, baby formula, diapers and other personal care items now. Make sure to have batteries and extra Propane for your BBQ and generator.

Cooking outdoors is a good idea if you lose electricity. Many Gables homes are equipped with standby generators that make our lives much more manageable should we experience a power loss. Make sure any propane or gas powered appliance is used in a well ventilated area. Please follow the manufacturers safety guidelines while operating these systems.

Gables Insider has partnered with Miami Gas to provide you with a quick reference guide. This includes important contact information, as well as many other useful recommendations.

Miami Gas operates a retail BBQ tank filling station located at 2747 NW 21 Street, Miami, Florida 33142. They also provide generator gas deliveries for all of Coral Gables. This includes Cocoplum and Gables By the Sea as well as Pinecrest and Coconut Grove. They are owned and operated by longtime Coral Gables residents. You can reach them at 305.204.3333 or by visiting their website:


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