Peaceful Protest And Meeting Between Police And Protesters In Coral Gables On Saturday

Images of violent protests and riots from cities across the country, including the ones in downtown Miami, filled social media throughout the weekend, as thousands took to the streets to protest the deadly actions of a police officer in Minneapolis in the arrest of George Floyd.

Many in our community shared concerns, on Friday, through group texts and social media boards, about the protest that had been scheduled for Saturday afternoon in Coral Gables.

Coral Gables, however, was the site of a very peaceful protest where Police Chiefs from throughout South Florida and protesters joined together and kneeled in a moment of prayer.

The protest took place along Miracle Mile, where protesters marched towards the intersection of Miracle Mile and Le Jeune Road. Vehicles could be heard honking in support as they drove by.

“We are grateful that yesterday’s protests in the City of Coral Gables were peaceful and that our Police Department showed the level of professionalism our community and residents have come to expect. As part of yesterday’s protest, I had the privilege to partake in a productive dialogue between protestors and over two dozen Police Chiefs representing municipalities and different agencies throughout Miami-Dade County. These discussions will continue and I look forward to positive steps so we may deliver serious transformative reforms,” said Coral Gables Vice Mayor Vince Lago who was present at Saturday’s protest.

Following the protest, organizers met with Coral Gables Police Chief Ed Hudak, Vice Mayor Lago and other South Florida Police Chiefs, in order to begin a positive dialogue to ensure situations like the one in Minneapolis are avoided in South Florida.

One arrest was reported of an agitator at the protest.

Special thanks to Steve Bradley of Clutch Burger and Vice Mayor Lago for the images and video.


6 thoughts on “Peaceful Protest And Meeting Between Police And Protesters In Coral Gables On Saturday

  1. This is a great example of humanity being the guiding principle in our reactions to all the protests.
    We are very proud of our police department for doing what should have been done by others. The photo of our police kneeling in response to the peaceful protest has been shown in other sites. Regretfully they don’t say that its our city but its Miami Police Department.

  2. Those of us who conduct business in Coral Gables have to be grateful to the City Mayor, Commissioners, Police Chief and Protesters for a peaceful protest without damage and destruction. They all helped to keep the City Beautiful “Beautiful” with thoughtful communications, prayers and cooperation. I, as a businessman in Coral Gables since 1971, as Grateful. Thanks to all. Those four policemen who were involved in the death of George Floyd must be held accountable; all four of them! Amen.

  3. I am proud of our City and its leaders for stepping foward and heading toward the right direction. It is our right to protest when something is not right. However it is illegal to to go out and steal and destroy property taking advantage of a misfortune. Thank you guys.

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