OPINION: Proud Of Coral Gables Response To Peaceful Protest

Please let it be known that the citizens of Coral Gables are extremely proud of how our city government officials starting from our tremendous mayor and staff, on down to our police officers and first responders managed and cooperated with the protestors to keep the situation exactly in the fashion it was supposed to be.   A ” peaceful demonstration”.

Our city is the perfect example and model of how our country should be acting!!!

Proud to be a citizen and resident of this truly beautiful city.  Also proud to see our Mayor putting our tax dollars to work protecting our city small entrepreneurs as well as our large corporate entities that call Coral Gables home.!!

Now I would like to see our large corporate partners publicly condemning the violence in our county, in our state, in our city and in our nation!!

A Faithful Reader of Your Publication!!

Rafael P. Santa-Maria Sr., Ph.D.

Proud USAF Veteran and Resident of Coral Gables!! 


3 thoughts on “OPINION: Proud Of Coral Gables Response To Peaceful Protest

  1. I have been working in Coral Gables for the past 25 years as a landscaper African American and has been racially profiled several times.

  2. I could not agree more with Mr. Santa-Maria Sr. I too am so proud.

    It starts with leadership at the top. No doubt in my mind, Police Chief, Ed Hudak is that type of leader. Way before ever being in the spotlight I would run into him at one of our churches.

    He is a man guided by a moral compass .. to protect and serve….and so I was not surprised.
    But I sure am proud!

  3. I was very worried about last Saturday ‘s protest, that I called the City of Coral Gables Police Department. I spoke to a very nice lady, who explained the process and gave me assurance. I am very proud of our police department and major that I wrote an email to DeSantis congratulating, Coral Gables, city of Miami and Miami Dade county ‘s majors for an excellent job! Thank you!

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