In The Tropics: Tropical Storm Elsa

Ariel Fernandez

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A month after the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, South Florida is in its first cone of uncertainty. Hurricane Elsa has formed in the Atlantic.

Although the storm is still days away from being a threat, it is important to keep an eye on the system and check off your storm supplies list and ensure you are stocked up.

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Latest Update

Here is the latest update from the National Hurricane Center:


1 thought on “In The Tropics: Tropical Storm Elsa

  1. AHhhh…the Cone of Death. We missed ye!
    Looking forward to not going to HD anytime soon due to the plywood lines. On a serious note, and having been here in S. FL for 60 years, this’ll just be a tune-up for what looks to be an active season.
    No more Andrews, pls.

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