Mayor Valdes-Fauli Refuses To Change Mask Order After County Clarification

Gables Insider reported last week about the difference of opinion between Miami-Dade County and the City of Coral Gables regarding the City’s mask requirement on the City’s Emergency Order.

The City made an amendment to its order changing the fines for violating the mask order from $50 to $100, in agreement with the County order. However, the County had provided an opinion that residents should wear a mask while walking.

City Attorney Miriam Ramos explained to Gables Insider that Mayor Raul Valdes-Fauli, who has the authority to issue emergency orders in cases of emergency, had decided not to update language referring to wearing a mask while walking.

In an email correspondence with Gables Insider, City Attorney Miriam Ramos, explained that “the amended order was issued on Friday to raise the fine amount from $50 to $100 in order to be consistent with the new County ordinance. The Mayor was consulted about removing ‘walking for exercise’ as an example of what may constitute ‘strenuous physical activity,’ and he decided against doing so.”

Mayor Valdes-Fauli ignored Gables Insider requests for the medical reasoning behind his decision.

Coral Gables set a new single-day record of COVID-19 cases on Sunday with 34.


25 thoughts on “Mayor Valdes-Fauli Refuses To Change Mask Order After County Clarification

  1. Sad to see how fear has taken oven normal, intelligent people….did u forget what the 14 th amendment stands for?
    Sad that you can’t just do what you want ( wear a mask and if you are high risk, stay home.) and think you have a right to force people to wear masks.
    This is not about your own health.
    Why do u care if people are out walking without a mask? Stay with who u feel comfortable and let others get on on with living . By the way it is not a law. We are protected in the United States to breathe without a mask. It breaks my heart seeing all the elderly people wearing a mask sitting at bus stops in the severe heat wave we are having. Can anyone sincerely think that’s good for their health???
    I guess there are more people who savor the fantasy of being a dictator than we imagined… Thankfully, we are protected by the constitution and a large part of our population wants normal lives and no more mask hysteria .

  2. I agree with the mayors ruling if you are exercising be it walking, jogging, riding bike you should not have to wear a mask, however have & use it if you cant maintain a minimum 6′ distance from others also wash your hands frequently.

  3. I agree with the comments that we should all be wearing masks at all times when outside your home. The various interpretation of the health advisories and politics is what got us to where we are now. Fines should get progressively higher for non-compliance. A good example..None of us like wearing seat belts and most people didn’t start wearing them because the statistics showed that they saved lives. We all do it because it’s the unquestionable law and we can get fined and because it saves lives. Let’s be smart. Protect yourself..Protect your neighbors.

  4. Take a look of math in population aspects: we are worldwide speaking 7 billion people. China has 1.4 and India 1.3 they are the most density in terms of population.
    The virus has killed 659.000 and total cases are 16.7 million.
    Question: which is the alarm and hysterical position about a virus that is a little more than a common flu or neumonía? Look the numbers in terms of deaths from car accidents, cardiovascular illness, cancer, etc.
    Who is the authority that has the very truly proof tha mask keep out the virus, or prevent it?
    People using mak every time are ridiculous breathing his own CO2. This kind of respiration procedure is more danger than no wearing mask. People in Asia use the mask in certain period of time flu, but the time is short. Idiots believes they have the salvation using during 5 months a mask. Somebody believe that?
    The common sense is indicating there is some more important thing than the virus. All this begun like a so,called pandemics, but with the time it has taken a transformation and We are now to the gates of a Totalitarian Tentation coming from the people’s who are ruling the most important countries . And in whose less important they follows the rules like fashion.
    Which will be the consequences: more unemployment. Less productivity, more poverty, etc. when the world was living his more big achievement and less people over the world were Out the poverty, this kind of illness are going to destroy it. All the civilization gaining are draining.
    Three factors: Amateur politician are ruling most parts of the countries
    Second, the media, the press, are playing his game trying to experiment with a global new world order in complicity with a lefties billionaires.
    Third, more poverty more control.
    Conclusion: nobody gain with a stupid people only the press.
    Stupid people likes following the crazy rules thinking in your own ego which is I can survive to this virus in consequence they use the mask. But the virus is irrelevant if you look the statistics.
    The so called “gripe española ” In 1918 killed more than 50 millions and occurred in the First World War.
    Thinking about that!

  5. I am high risk for contracting Covid 19 because of my medical condition and I am a virtual prisoner in my own house. I do not go outside to walk or ride my bike because no one is taking this illness seriously and I do not want to get sick. When I do have to go out, it is only to go to a doctor’s appointment, go to the drugstore or the grocery store and I have to wear my mask always to protect myself. For the love of God be considerate and wear the mask. You have no idea who you might be infecting or affecting.

  6. Please people, let’s have some common sense.
    I carry my mask with me, when walking my dogs, in the event it is necessary; however, if there’s no one around, it is not worn. For God’s sake, it’s 100 degrees out there! If you’re going to a public area wear your mask, if your walking around your block for exercise, just have it with you.

  7. There is not a day that my wife and I go out walking in our CG neighborhood with our masks on, that we see everyone else w/o them. People walking leisurely, walking their dogs, walking with their children, yet no one is wearing a mask.

    Why it is so difficult to abide by a simple rules that is known to protect us all?

    Coral Gables Police, we know you are the greatest. Please start enforcing the fines.

    And to you Mayor Valdez, be responsible and for once, try to save a life

  8. If you are one of those who thinks wearing a mask is uncomfortable, impractical or useless or against your “rights”, then you may how you will feel on a ventilator???

  9. When we first heard about Covid-19 in January and the galloping pace of infection and global threat, many of us decided that this was the time to listen the epidemiologists and not the politicians. So far science has been right: masks are essential in controlling this pandemic. Anyone who leaves home needs to wear a mask. We can waste time arguing endlessly over when it’s appropriate or not appropriate, when exercise is strenuous or not strenuous – the bottom line is that w/o rigorous consistency in wearing masks anywhere and everywhere in public we will be forced to continue to live in a community with spiking levels of the virus. For those who use the excuse of not being able to breathe properly bc of a diminished supply of oxygen caused by the masks I suggest they simply switch to a new mask or stay home. This is serious stuff. Anyone who still believes in common sense decisions to wear a mask and social distance hasn’t driven on Miracle Mile on Saturday night. The longer a mask mandate is delayed, the longer it will take to get our city, county, state, and country back on track. This is a time for toughness and resolve in Coral Gables, not fragility and indecision.

  10. Good, it’s good to wear mask but totally useless and stupid when walking in non crowded area.

  11. We are in the worst of this pandemic, which doesn’t mean it wont get worse, and people are still debating masks. Walking is not exercise, it’s walking. Go to Miracle Mile and tell who is exercising there. Please wear a mask. Certainly says something about our mayor.

  12. Exercise is different things to different people. I am recovering from surgery for a broken ankle so walking is very strenuous for me, right now. When I go out for my daily walks, in my neighborhood, I haven’t been wearing a mask because I am not close to anyone. If I see someone approaching me on the sidewalk, I go to the other side of the street.

  13. I agree with the mayor wholeheartedly. What is not being reported is that prolonged use of the masks by anyone with any type of existing respiratory problem exacerbates said problem so in the end it’s a catch 22 for some people. I agree with wearing the masks when you are inside a public building filled with people. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going outside and walking, biking, running, exercising, etc. with or without your mask. As long as you maintain your distance from others you will be fine. If you are that afraid then stay indoors until this is over. Plain and simple. It’s a matter of choice. I agree every one must do their part. I have seen more people walking, etc. outside with their pets, children, and their family with or without masks and still have and show enough respect to their fellow citizen by keeping their distance than I have visa versa. I happen to find it refreshing that in these trying times, families are spending more time together and taking the time to take walks and bike rides together which at least in my humble opinion is one of the few positive things that can be said about all of this.

  14. I agree with the Mayor. Let’s all use a bit of common sense and also bring down the hysteria a notch. I walk my dog twice a day and don’t walk anywhere close to anybody.

  15. Do you really want to stop the spread of the virus to virtually 0 cases? Masks everywhere, all the time, from the moment you step out of your front door, period.
    I walk, I run, and I ride my bike, always wearing a mask, always.
    I am appalled at consistently seeing people walking, often times with their dogs or children, and not wearing masks. Many just pass right by you without the slightest attempt at keeping their distance, unbelievable. Some of the few who catch the virus then say “I don’t know how I caught it.” Well, I think I do.
    Be smart, and above all, don’t be selfish, protect others and they will protect you. Wear a mask!

  16. Tell fauldi not to be ridiculous, enforce that 100.00 fine. Make sure people wear a mask while walking.

  17. I support the Mayor’s decision. Brisk walking is a legitimate form of exercise, but people need to use common sense and keep their distance from each other.

  18. Our mayor should be recalled, he is responsible for the surge in cases in Coral Gables!

  19. The Mayor is wrong. Not wearing a mask while walking is irresponsible. So Mayor, someone is walking their children or their dogs and they don’t need to wear a mask? Must be because holding on to the leash can be extrenous exercise.

    Very irresponsible of you.

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