Meeting To Hear From Public on Proposed Miracle Mile Zoning Changes Set

Coral Gables residents and stakeholders will have an opportunity to voice their concerns and opinions with the proposed new zoning code. Specifically, there has been a lot of discussion about changes that would result in a redevelopment of historic Miracle Mile. Changes would allow for remote parking and therefore allow for taller structures along the mile.

Per a request of Vice Mayor Vince Lago, there will be a virtual Sunshine Meeting, Monday, November 30, 2020, beginning at 5:00 p.m., for the purpose of discussing the Miracle Mile, Crafts Section, and MF-2 Floor Area Ratio (FAR) portions of the Zoning Code Rewrite.

At least one hour will be set aside for public testimony. Lago requested an afternoon meeting to accommodate working residents.

To Join:

Call In Telephone Number: (305) 461-6769

Meeting ID: 305 446 6800


25 thoughts on “Meeting To Hear From Public on Proposed Miracle Mile Zoning Changes Set

  1. Agree with no tall buildings on Miracle Mile. You are driving people away from the area instead of making it pedestrian friendly. Enough of the concrete.

  2. We do not need a concrete jungle on Miracle Mile. Increased development will completely change the small town “Main Street” feeling of the Mile. Coral Gables should not emulate Brickell.

  3. Lower buildings make Miracle Mile feel open and light and therefore more people and pedestrian friendly. Check out the difference between Dublin, Ireland and NYC. Definitely no tall structures on Miracle Mile. I understand that it cannot be made into a pedestrian because it’s a major throughway and road? Make it pedestrian friendly by providing cover from the sun and rain on each block. Instead of planting palm trees plant shade trees.

  4. Please don’t ruin Miracle Mile with more cement. Why change the character of an unique and beautiful

  5. If past performance is any indication, the Commission will listen but will end up doing exactly what they want to do regardless. SAD!!!

  6. I actually believe that developing miracle miles is not a bad idea. It will bring more life and hopefully better stores to the area. That said I fully agree with the complete double standard of crushing Coral Gables homeowners with idiotic rules while allowing developers to get away with pretty much anything they want…I guess our politicians realize that their draconian construction rules would scare investors away. So how about a bit tougher on developers and a bit less oppressive on homeowners…maybe then we could actually have a nice environment for all.

  7. I agree with most of the CG residents that have expressed their opinion.
    We don’t need to build and distort the charm and character that was once conceived, planned and executed by George Merrick 100 Yrs ago, why change it?
    CG is one of the most beautiful cities in USA….

  8. Miracle Mile should stay as is. No need for more high rises. We already have to deal with the monstrosity on Ponce Circle. That alone is going to create traffic nightmares besides being unappealing. Disagree 100% with overbuilding. Good points raised by others…who’s pockets are getting lined by approving this? The commercial real estate market has been turned upside down due to the pandemic. There are going to be way more retail and office space vacancies than anyone can think of what to do with. There will be vast wasted space not only in Coral Gables but all of Miami!

  9. I agree with all of the comments here, as it seems we see the light as well as the corruption that is ingrained in City Hall.
    I stand firm that we should have a special recall election against the Mayor and anyone else that has been lining up with the developers instead of the citizens of CG. Shame on all of you. Not going to say you are all corrupt, but definitely many are in the city and you are the example that hopefully others will not follow.

  10. Residents need to inundate the commission with protest letters and emails about the destruction of Miracle Mile. The email addresses are on the website. If you read Valdes-Fauli’s Herald editorial, it is politician speak for more concrete and development. The stretch along US 1, Douglas etc. is now hideous with buildings that go right up to the road. A “virtual” meeting will not stop them. I tried to sit in on one of those and it is hours of the mayor and commissions loving to hear themselves talk. We need WRITTEN protests. If the citizens do not get involved, we will look just like Brickell. When I am forced to go down there I always budget 45 minutes to go several blocks to find parking. It is a nightmare. Its all about the money, not about what residents who pay ridiculous amounts of property tax want.

  11. MIRACLE MILE IS DEAD BECAUSE A REALLY BAD PLANIFICATION. EVERY SINGLE CITY IN THE WORLD KNOWS THAT A PEDESTRIAN STREET ATTRACTS PEOPLE. You have to do the same that Giralda has or Lincoln Road. Don’t you see that the pedestrian part of Giralda is a total success? But you want to build buildings…c’mon!

  12. First you drove everybody out of business by taking a year to make these sidewalk/skateboarding paths that nobody uses. Then, you demanded that if restaurants want tables and chairs they have to rent them from you so you can get a kickback. At exorbitant prices, I might add. How about this. How about you try to say the word “no” to a developer even though it is like choking on $20,000 single bills? We are overbuilt. We haver no green space. No dog park. Our restaurants are hanging by a thread, and you want to knock the buildings down and make the bigger? Now, you are thrilled that because of covid, you will only have a few zoom citizens to raise hell, instead of a standing room only crowd of Citizens. Thrilled to death, because you will get it through. haven’t you done enough damage with those buildings that go right to the road on US 1? Meanwhile when I built my house, I had to redesign the wrap around balcony because I was 18 inches too close to the street. And I had a huge setback. Building and zoning is a corruption racket. Nobody has the guts to investigate this.

  13. The most revealing comment in the article is that the meeting will include residents and stakeholders. Already you can see the bias. the residents are not considered stakeholders; the developers are. That’s 100% wrong. We are, the residents are the stakeholders. We live here and elect the commission. The developers want to come I’m, make there profit and depart. when we discuss the proposed changes , the first and most important question we must ask is: How does this change benefit the residents? If there is no adequate answer the change should be voted down.

  14. Overbuilding the Mile is not the answer! In what world does it make sense to destroy the charm of the historic Miracle Mile to make it like every other overbuilt city? What makes more sense is to come up with a plan to fill the vacancies and make it even more appealing, thus giving businesses a chance to thrive. How about reducing the property taxes in exchange for the landlords reducing the rent? That’s one good idea and I’m sure there are many more that can be explored.

  15. More is not always better. Let’s ask ourselves as residents if the streetscape brought more business to Miracle Mile, or if it helped existing business owners during its construction – and after.

    And speaking of overbuilding, how long will it take for The Plaza Coral Gables to sell and rent commercial and retail space coming out of a pandemic? Did they not get a height variance as well? To where and what are we racing?

    The charm and exquisite elegance of Coral Gables has always been the attraction for residents and visitors alike. Its about a desirable lifestyle.

    Do not deface Miracle Mile and the Gables with overbuilding.

    “Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone
    They paved paradise
    And put up a parking lot”
    Joni Mitchell

  16. Whether or not remote parking is allowed for up-zoned buildings, valet parking on the Mile is already a scourge that unreasonably reduces the available self-park and also is a safety hazard with blocked traffic in the outbound lanes. There should be 3-4 designated valet parking stations along the Mile, and none should be permitted to accept more cars than they have purchased spots for in garages on the back side. Perhaps there are some customers who only come to the Mile if they can valet right in front of their destination, but this would-be customer currently avoids the Mile because of the mess caused by little-regulated valet operations.

  17. Miracle Mile needs to be retained as a comfortable place to roam. We don’t need another sunless spot blocking the sun and the ambiance of the area with taller buildings and fewer local owners with a family feel. The street will become impossible to cross and there will be an increase in noise and a lack of beauty.

  18. Miracle Mile has a style of its own, the character of the area has been maintained for years setting it apart from many places throughout the United States. Miracle Mile is better looking than Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive… It is just that building owners are increasing the rent so high that they are blowing restaurants and small business owners out of the Gables area, not to mention the mile.
    Don’t allow the building structures to go to 6 floors, the Mile would lose its antiquity Charm.
    Thank You for your Consideration,!!
    Rafael Santa-Maria, Sr. Ph.D.
    3025 Segovia Street Coral Gables, FL. 33134

  19. What could possibly be the motivation for destroying the historic mile except for the commissioners and the developers profiting? Gables residents need to inundate the commission with emails, and get out and vote to get rid of the mayor/commissioners who are trying to get this through. We do not need to raise more taxes to keep feeding the black hole of the pension deficit. We need pension reform, not concrete canyons and more traffic. If this keeps up I will be leaving Coral Gables for good,

  20. And this proposal took into consideration vacant and retail office space pre-pandemic; current mixed used projects coming on board; the vacancy rates in Merrick Park ; industry forecasts for the office and retail markets especially since retail in on its way out replaced by online sellers; and office space which may be severely impacted post pandemic with companies concluding it is cheaper to let employees work from home with maybe just a skeletal office operation?

  21. Keep Miracle Mile with the charm and community feel that is reflective of Coral Gables. We don’t need 6 story buildings. We have enough tall apartment complexes contributing to our traffic problem.

  22. It might be a better idea to try to concentrate on filling the space of the innumerable stores that are empty. Give future renters a break on the rent? Owners a break on real estate taxes?

  23. Please do not destroy Miracle Mile by having tall buildings . Give owners tax credit to have tables along the sidewalk so Miracle Mile stays “alive”, and interesting buildings whose uniqueness can be seen by all street level by pedestrians and drivers!

  24. Crazy if the go ahead with te development of the mile….my god we just finished the walkway!! Now the family oriented feeling of the mile will become up to 6 stories are you guys nuts, just the traffic alone will be a problem.
    Not to mention all the condos going up all over the place.
    In my opinion the commission and special interest just look for themselves and their own $$.

  25. Changing the zoning for MiracleMule is not a good idea, ruining the charm and feel of a very unique area.

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