Mercedes Benz Of Coral Gables Partners With Camillus House In Support of Homeless In Miami-Dade County

Official Press Release Of Mercedes Benz of Coral Gables

Ussery Automotive Group, parent company of Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables and Mercedes-Benz of Cutler Bay, has partnered with Camillus House to sponsor a new Sprinter van for the next four years.  Dedicated to daily operations and maintenance, the van supports Camillus House with its mission to help those experiencing homelessness.  

“There is no doubt that we would not be able to do what we do every day to help the homeless and helpless of Miami-Dade County without partners like the Ussery Automotive Group,” said Hilda Fernandez, CEO of Camillus House. “What they are doing by donating this van is helping us extend our reach; provide services that are vital to the clients that we serve; and assist others in taking the next step in reaching the goal of housing stability.”

“I’ve been familiar with the Camillus House for a long time and admire so much the work they do going back to 1960,” said Greg Barnes, President of Ussery Automotive Group. “Camillus House is one of those precious gems in our community, and it just feels right to partner with this amazing organization as part of our #usserycares initiative.”

From soup kitchen to a full-service health human services organization, Camillus House is one of the most trusted and effective providers of homeless services in Miami-Dade County. Serving more than 35,000 men, women, and children each year, they offer a comprehensive “system of care” for the poor and homeless — a seamless, step-by-step process designed to bring persons from a life on the streets all the way to permanent housing.

Ussery Automotive Group, established in 1953, has been dedicated to supporting community as part of its #usserycares initiative.  Many organizations have benefitted from this financial support, including Camillus House, Agape Family Ministries, Beaux Arts and the Lowe Art Museum, Zoo Miami, Kristi House, and many more.

“We appreciate partners like Ussery Automotive Group as their support benefits the homeless mission of the Camillus House and enables us to continue to provide for the community and those who need us most,” concluded Paul Lowenthal, chairman of the Board of Trustees of Camillus House.


3 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Of Coral Gables Partners With Camillus House In Support of Homeless In Miami-Dade County

  1. Plus the shelter have been full for quite a long while since the Great Recession; why is no one mentioning this!? I can only imagine now a days. DO BETTER!

  2. I am NOT impressed! What would be more impressive if Mercedes Benz somehow DONATED their at least USED cars to those that are homeless that have jobs and can not get to said job because in Florida you need reliable transportation and our own public transportation is faulty! The cycle of poverty continues when one does not have the basic foundational and stable needs one requires. Rubbish! I don’t want to hear of this! Pat yourselves in the backs, because I won’t.

  3. Comforting to see the giving to the most vulnerable, the most needy. Hope your community of customers take note and do a kindness if they haven’t already. Congratulations!

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