New Commission Sworn In

On Friday, April 30th, the new Coral Gables City Commission was sworn in.

In a room full of family, members of the community and former and current leaders, the City Commission met for one final time taking three final votes to accept the certified election results in each of the three Groups.

Present were Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava; Miami Mayor Francis X. Suarez; Miami-Dade County Commissioners Jose “Pepe” Diaz Rebeca Sosa and Raquel Regalado; former County Commissioner Xavier Suarez; former Coral Gables Mayors Dorothy Thomson, Don Slesnick and Jim Cason; and former Coral Gables Commissioners Bill Kerdyk, Jr., Wayne “Chip” Withers, Frank Quesada, and Jeannett Slesnick.

Mayor Raul Valdes-Fauli and Commissioner Patricia Keon were able to address the community one final time before the new Commission was sworn in and seated. Valdes-Fauli has retired. Keon ran and lost her bid for Mayor.

Commissioner Rhonda Anderson was sworn in by Circuit Court Judge Barbara Areces. Commissioner Kirk Menendez was sworn in by Circuit Court Judge Carlos Gamez. Mayor Vince Lago was sworn in by Chief Judge-Elect of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Nushin Sayfie.


10 thoughts on “New Commission Sworn In

  1. Good afternoon Ms. Prieto. We have no pending comments from you. The only one we have received, was earlier today and it was published this morning.

  2. So now you decide which comments should be posted or not? It wasn’t threatening and no obsene language used. I have been a resident of Coral Gables for almost 50 years. I will get my message heard.

  3. Let’s see if the promise of transparency is kept?
    May 11th Commission will be asked to approve a petition for a Special Light District in Cocoplum Phase 1.
    Thus far, City claims it does not need to disclose to property owners that if they sign petition, the City will no longer pay for electricity/maintenance/repair of street lights. City will save $50,000++ annually which using Present Value @3% for 99 years[it is actually in perpetuity] over $1.5 million dollars!!

  4. All the best in the forthcoming challenges to the new Mayor and Commissioners. The major challenge ahead is to resist the temptation to continue the trend of allowing the city to be inundated with office and apartment buildings to bring in tax dollars.

  5. With thanks to the outgoing City Commission for its work and support of the Coral Gables Art Cinema.

    Welcoming the New Mayor and City Commission. While this is a difficult time for our citizens it is also an opportunity to display good governance and civic responsibility to all the Citizens of “The City Beautiful”

  6. Wonderful, now They were already employed, by the residents, now to work: mechanizing the slavery sanctuary from manual garbage and recycle.

    And only authorize the license to new buildings of apartment only for sale to natural persons to be the owners of residential apartment property.

  7. I hope our new commissioners and new mayor will act in regards to enforcing city codes that prohibit bycicles and skateboards on Miracle Mile and Ponce de Leon Blvd.

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  9. We are encouraging the new Commissioners to build less and establish more parks in the areas where there has been abundant development.
    Please consider adding a park in the area of the Shops of Merrick Park. The families of this neighborhood would love to take their children and grandchildren to a nice green area.
    Wishing the new Commissioners and the Mayor well.

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