Results Are In: MOXY-Gables Insider Poll

Ariel Fernandez

Founder & Editor
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Last month, Gables Insider and MOXY concluded their poll of Coral Gables stakeholders on issues affecting Coral Gables.

This poll measured the sentiment of Gables’ residents across nearly two-dozen topics that span the spectrum of issues affecting the lifestyle and livability of their city.

A total of 700 completed survey responses were compiled, after being fielded online – both within the MOXY platform as well as via a direct web link to the survey.


MOXY, based in Coral Gables, is “a non-partisan Social Ecosystem connecting Voters, Elected Representatives, Thought Leaders and Authorized Organizations. Designed to enhance mutual understanding, empower normal people and enable true democracy to thrive in the 21st century.” MOXY offers free subscriptions with access to a large number of resources.

Executive Summary

An executive summary of the results are available by clicking here.

Access to the Full Results

Subscribers to the MOXY platform can peruse the entire report by accessing it via the Surveys/Reports page in MOXY. Those not yet onboard the platform can access it free of charge by downloading MOXY from either the Google Play or Apple App store or by visiting the web version at


4 thoughts on “Results Are In: MOXY-Gables Insider Poll

  1. The summary appears to be 29 pages long but only 3 pages are linked. What happened to the statistically significant community survey the City conducted a few years ago? This survey was easily manipulated and certainly not random.

  2. Alvaro- Just the summary, which you don’t have to subscribe to, has some good overall information.
    No surprises- 3/4 of the respondents think that there is serious overdevelopment ruining our city, and the worst department is building and zoning, with permitting mentioned as being particularly horrible.

  3. Fully agree with Alvaro! Yet another platform to subscribe to, another password. Is this not some sort
    of “user friendly” public service?

  4. In order to view the results of the poll, you are forced to subscribe to their platform and undertake a 15 minute verification process where you are asked to volunteer all kinds of personal information. No thank you. Curious about the results, but not that curious…

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