Since March, 69 City Employees Have Tested Positive For COVID-19

As the numbers of COVID-19 positive testing in South Florida have focused on the positivity rate, Coral Gables has surpassed a 2% positivity in residents, as the City of about 50,000 residents surpassed 1,000 positive tests this week, setting a single-day record of 51 new positives on Wednesday. The City’s testing site tested 81 residents this week and had 11 new positives, a 13.6% positivity rate.

The positivity rate for City staff, however, has remained low.

The City reported to Gables Insider this week that of the 1,000 staff members, including Police and Fire personnel, the City has only had 69 positive test results from its employee pool, a 6.9% of employees.

“The City of Coral Gables is committed to insuring the health and safety of our team members and residents. We ask employees and residents alike to closely monitor and follow CDC guidelines.” said Martha Pantin, the City’s new Communications Director, who began her tenure with the City this week.

“To help safeguard team members we instituted a series of safety procedures. For example, all team members and visitors entering City buildings are required to go through a health screening, wear masks and maintain social distancing when duties permit. Team members who experience symptoms should reach out to their health care provider for testing. Employees who have tested positive have received medical consultation and support through our City employee health provider,” Pantin added.

The City has enacted strict protocols to ensure social distancing, hygiene and sanitizing of work areas are observed.

Staff is discouraged from sharing office supplies, meeting in person and are asked to clean their work stations when they arrive in the morning and leave at night.


8 thoughts on “Since March, 69 City Employees Have Tested Positive For COVID-19

  1. Unfortunately, all the data provided to us is by City as a whole. We have requested additional data, but it has not been provided.

  2. Gables Insider,
    Can you supply data on positive COVID results in the Gables by Zip code?

  3. We really appreciate the efforts of city employees to take care of essential resident needs from sanitation to public safety and everything else required to keep Coral Gables functioning safely. It is disheartening the hear that so many employees and residents have become ill. Let’s all do our part to keep each other safe.

  4. It is reallly important to keep facts simple. As Fred stated please keep the data specifc to one thing at a time. Confusion and generalizations not facts do not help,
    like “The positivity rate for City staff, however, has remained low.”
    It would be better to state the goal of what is the target of low and cpmpare it to what the reality is. That would make things clear. Where we are and where we need to go.

    Thank you for providing information please help keep it simple and straight forward.

  5. Thank you for catching the errors. We have made the corrections. We appreciate you taking your time to comment.

  6. Does no one study math anymore? 69 positive tests from a population of 1000 is 6.9%. This is not low – it is more than 3 times HIGHER than the 2% rate of infection among all residents of the city which you are reporting.

    Also, please do not confuse the infection rate (number of cases / total population) with the positivity rate (positive tests / total tests)…..

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