Talking Garbage

One of the most talked about issues affecting residents lately is inconsistent solid waste services. We previously reported that during a sitdown with City Manager Peter Iglesias, he had informed us that eight sanitation workers had left or been let go. Gables Insider made a public record’s request and was informed that within the last 30 days, in the City, there have been two sanitation workers let go, and as of October 9th, there remain three vacancies in this department.

Last week, we continued to receive numerous emails regarding missed pickups. Even though the city is asking residents to call-in missed pickups, for some, it’s still not getting the attention it deserves. On the popular neighborhood community forum,, there’s a thread regarding garbage pickup with at least 27 comments.

“They’ve been skipping my house every week. Soon the $895 bill for waste management will pop up on my mail. It’s unbelievable, such poor management and disregard w/ tax payer money” said one neighbor just three days ago.

Another neighbor, six days ago said, “They missed my house last Thursday, they missed my house today… I have 5 bags, I called the waste collection number. This is bad….”

In addition, there’s an uproar and confusion about cardboard boxes. The City now requires residents to flatten boxes and place them next to the recycling containers. Uncut boxes placed on the swale (trash pits) would be a code violation. However, on almost every block, we continue to see cardboard boxes.

The City is in an educational period, in which no actual fines are being given out, but violators will receive a door tag advising them of the new rules. Fines will start early 2020.

Leave us a comment or vote in the poll. We want to know how your services are being delivered.


2 thoughts on “Talking Garbage

  1. talking garbage, how about living in city beautiful in the 21st century and STILL having a cesspool, septic tank, in either the front or back yard. Can’t we do anything about that ? Isn’t anybody bothered by this as much as I am ? Can’t Coral Gables finally hook up homes that aren’t on a sewer line ?

  2. I know that the City is looking into the decline in quality of garbage pick up service. They have also instituted a fine for boxes left in the piles in front of houses. The City ( or county) laid a large area of asphalt in front of my house, without my knowledge or permission. That large chunk of asphalt is now the preferred dumpinig ground of all the neighborhood yard services and also people leaving piles of trash and boxes. I do not know how Coral Gables can fine me for activity I have nothing to do with, and do not want, in front of my house. How is this going to be handled?

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