TARGET Coming to Coral Gables

ATTENTION GABLES SHOPPERS: Target is Coming to Coral Gables!

A Target store will be coming to Coral Gables in 2020 joining the over 1,800 stores nationwide. The store will be located at 1906 Ponce de Leon Blvd (current going-out-of-business Office Max location). According to Target, the location is approximately 22,800 square feet and will be considered a small-format store which would be curated specifically to the needs of the surrounding neighborhood.

Small-format stores are smaller than their typical full-size stores which can exceed 130,000 square feet. Target will conduct plenty of research including noting surrounding businesses and conducting listening sessions with local guests and community leaders which allow them to design the stores to be most efficient due to their smaller footprint.

Additional information will be forthcoming as the store prepares to open.

UPDATE: BREAKING: Starbucks Part Of Projected Plans For Coral Gables TARGET


16 thoughts on “TARGET Coming to Coral Gables

  1. Target is an amazing addition to the gables community. People who are against this only see coral gables from one point of view. It’s 2020 the world is ever changing and brick and mortar stores are fading away. Fresh market and Whole Foods those are larger stores that wouldn’t fit the footprint of parking in coral gables. Last time I checked no one wants to valet to do their groceries. The target will be just as welcomed as the Publix that has been around for a long time. It also gives the working class an option to shop somewhere reasonable while on break from servicing the entitled of coral gables. It’s a consideration to include both classes that coexist in coral gables. I’m sure the folks against it will be the first in line when doors open. I know I will be there, as Target is one of my favorite places to shop and I will now have one just a few miles from my home.

  2. I would have preferred a Trader Joe’s ir Fresh Market. Not sure Target was the right choice for the Gables.

  3. I guess those who do not want a Target in the Gables would like to see another Tommy Bahamas, Tiffanys, or other super expensive store like those that fill Merrick Park….I can’t afford to shop at the expensive mall so am glad to see a more affordable option.

  4. Target stores truly understand the way to market to their specific customers. That location is very accessible and has it’s own parking lot (no need to valet).

    Year-round residents deserve a mix of convenient retail stores, including more practical choices, like Target, Macy’s and West Elm. What seems counterproductive is the addition of more bridal, jewelry and interior design showrooms.

  5. That Target is a magnet for undesirables. Ponce de Leon doesn’t need the added traffic.

  6. Good news to hear Target is coming to Coral Gables but, we are sorry for Office Max going out of business, great store also.

  7. This is great news to hear Target is coming to the Gables. We really need something like this here!!! I also want to see a fresh market come to North Gables. Hope they listen!!!

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