Thank You, JC Diaz-Padron

Although many of you directly associate Ariel Fernandez with Gables Insider, the fact is there would be no Gables Insider without the man who dreamed it and co-founded what has become Coral Gables’ largest circulating publication.

Gables Insider wants to recognize its co-founder and thank lifelong Coral Gables resident, Juan Carlos “JC” Diaz-Padron, for his contribution to the publication for nearly two years.

From crafting our Commission digests, to hopping in his car to follow breaking news stories, JC has been an instrumental behind-the-scenes co-founder of this publication. He brought important information to our readers, such as where to find COVID-19 testing, important commission items and highlighting ways in which The City Beautiful could build a better government.

Today, we announce that JC is leaving Gables Insider to pursue a new venture. 

“Gables Insider has filled a void and provides residents with insider news and insight into City Hall. It has been an honor to connect with and get to know countless neighbors, city staff, and elected officials who want to make our community a better place,” says JC.

Thank you JC for your commitment to our City and for your dedication to our City Beautiful. 

Co-Founder, Ariel Fernandez, will continue to lead Gables Insider in full ownership.


2 thoughts on “Thank You, JC Diaz-Padron

  1. I send a personal “thank you” to Jc Diaz-Padron for his hard work and dedication to this online magazine. I applaud the Coral Gables Insider overall and I’m happy that we have a magazine that digs a little deeper into some of the ‘sticky’ issues our City is faced with. I wish Ariel Fernandez the best and I look forward to more in-depth coverage of our most interesting city. Thanks again, JC!

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