Trader Joe’s Coming To Coral Gables

When Gables Insider broke the news of Target coming to Coral Gables, many of you commented about your desire for a Trader Joe’s.

Seems like Christmas has come early for you, Trader Joe’s is officially coming to Coral Gables.

Although Trader Joe’s has not confirmed the construction, Gables Insider has confirmed from City sources that a permit was applied for in August of this year for a Trader Joe’s at Gables Station.

Gables Station, a multi-million dollar project at the intersection of US1 and Ponce de Leon Blvd is described on its website as, “Gables Station is a mixed-use project. It’s an oasis of residences, public space, and commercial space in a prime location connecting Coral Gables to Downtown Miami through the transit corridors of US1 and the Metrorail.”

Trader Joe’s describes itself as: “Focusing on private label (products with ‘Trader Joe’s’ name on them) simplified a lot of things, and removed a lot of costs – no more slotting fees, marketing fees, middlemen fees… We passed along those savings to our customers (still do), because the value of Value is invaluable. And to us, ‘Value’ means offering the best quality products for the best, everyday prices.”

No details on a target opening date for the Trader Joe’s are available and staff confirmed to Gables Insider that construction is in the early stages.


21 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Coming To Coral Gables

  1. ARGH!!!!
    Shops are declaring bankruptcy left and right and
    closing. The latest is Stein Mart, closing its doors
    for good after liquidating everything.
    Next coming up for liquidation, will probably be Pier1 Imports, where stock merchandise is going
    fast. COVID19 has caused many eateries to close
    or are facing financial distress. And Coral Gables
    wants to open new establishments!?! What universe are you living in? No wait, you’re all graduates of Trump University, which may I remind
    you has long since gone bankrupt and still has yet to repay all the people he sucked. In case you all have been sleep off hangovers, Trump lost and
    will be EVICTED from the White House by January 20. Oh and his properties, golf courses, Towers/Int’l Resorts, and MaraLago will be foreclosed upon if he doesn’t pay up. Since he owes Deutche Bank, I guess he’ll have to withdraw from the Bank of China.

  2. Well Come!!! I love Trade Joe and it will be a wonderful new option for us in Coral Gables!
    They offer very good products with fare prices!!!
    I love the news!!!!

  3. Everyone might welcome Trader Joe’s to Coral Gables, but the site is the wrong site for many reasons. Access, will you have to pay to park to grocery shop or will Trader Joe’s provide parking in the building and not on the street. Will there be enought parking once the project is completed for all the apts, retail, hotel, etc. All the small business are going to hurt if Trader Joe’s customers take the street parking that those small business rely on – vets, architects, etc. rely on. Then there is traffice and traffic jams with shoppers going in and out of the buildings. The City of Coral Gables allow these huge projects and forget to cross their t’s and dot there i’s about what business are allowed in the project. Has there been a traffic study as to the traffice a Trader Joe’s will bring. As I said previously WRONG SITE FOR A TRADER JOE’S.

  4. Yessssssssssss!!!!!!! I drive maybe once a month down to Dadeland, and I would do so more often if I could. This is awesome!

  5. This is terrific news! i love Trader Joe’s and can’t wait for it to be in Coral Gables.

  6. I was so excited to hear about Trader Joe’s coming to Coral Gables, until I read the proposed location. Unfortunately, it will only be convenient for the residents in that complex. There’s way too much traffic in that area to make it worth going.

  7. Mary didn’t you read that one of our mistakes of a leader pat Keon wants to build more on miracle mile? They are destroying our hometown for their own benefit and greed. It’s our fault since we elected them. So now we have to vote them out!

  8. I love many of the items at Trader Joes! I am thrilled not to have to drive south to shop there.

  9. Who among us will venture into the Gables Station for groceries. It’s a monstrosity of a building

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