What Grade Would You Give Our City Streets?

We’re looking to bring attention to the worst street conditions in Coral Gables. Is your street in bad shape? Do you regularly drive or avoid a street in poor conditions? Let us know. Millions of dollars are set aside from your tax dollars specifically for road improvements.

What grade overall would your rate our city streets? Click here to let us know!


7 thoughts on “What Grade Would You Give Our City Streets?

  1. Pisano Avenue bordering Doctors Hospital is shameful full of holes that fill up with rain water if you don’t know where they are you can damage your tires.

  2. Our streets are currently under construction. And, construction is delayed. So I would have to say the condition is poor right now. I’m optimistic things will be restored to pre-construction conditions which was ok. My biggest issue with my neighborhood are that the traffic circles are constantly damaged by large construction trucks in the area. So the turning radius of the circles is to small for the type of vehicles that usually use these streets. This gives our main thoroughfares a poor grade. We would like the City to re-eval these circles so as to remedy this ongoing problem.

  3. San Amaro Drive surrounding the UM Campus has been patched and patched and needs more or better yet, resurfacing.

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