Coral Gables Police Seeks Community Assistance In Reporting Violations Of COVID-19 Orders

Although the strength of Coral Gables’ mask order is still being called into question by residents, the Coral Gables Police Department has been issuing warnings to violators of the City and County’s mask order.

Between July 3rd and July 22nd, Coral Gables Police Department reported the issuance of 355 verbal warnings to individuals who were not wearing masks in public. In that time, the department has only issued one written citation. (View full report).

But individuals are not the only ones who face penalties for violations of the emergency orders, businesses are equally held accountable.

In a report from Coral Gables Police Chief Edward J. Hudak, Jr., Gables Insider learned that over the last two months, the department has issued 13 verbal warnings, 8 written warnings and 5 restaurants have been shut down. Violations include: curfew violations, employees not wearing masks, too many people at a table, social distancing violations, and employee testing positive for COVID-19. (See detailed report).

Chief Hudak explained, “the Police Department has been actively engaged in enforcement of the Emergency Orders issued by the County. Our plan has been to issue verbal warnings to those we have witnessed, or we have been called to investigate. As we move forward civil citations will be issued based at the officer discretion.”

Coral Gables Police sent out a notification through the department’s SaferWatch App to residents on Monday, July 27th, asking for resident cooperation in enforcement. The message read: “In these concerning times we are always here for you! The SaferWatch App is a discreet option to show us live, what is happening in your neighborhood. Let us know if there are any mask Violations in your area. The SaferWatch App allows you to report activity directly to the Coral Gables Police Department Dispatch Center. Either anonymously or you can tell us who you are. If you see or experience something, send something.


4 thoughts on “Coral Gables Police Seeks Community Assistance In Reporting Violations Of COVID-19 Orders

  1. What about restaurants not respecting special distancing guidelines like “Hillstone” they are serving at 100% capacity with no problem shouldn’t they get in trouble?

  2. Almost like the Cuban Block Captains who were required to report on their neighbors. And like the Nazis required the children to report what there parents are doing. Is this, what we as a civil
    democratic republic have evolved into? What shame!

  3. It’s really simple… Wear a mask out of respect for others! And, if the rule for a City or the regulation for a county requests, suggests and or mandates, the City of Coral Gables needs to enforce. This is literally putting us into a black hole, financially, socially and medically. And verbal warnings are not very effective. Thank back to when you were a kid, was it effective when your parent said, don’t do that it’s not a good idea? Or did you test the limits? It’s human nature. Let’s think humanity!

  4. I see people everyday in my neighborhood and around shopping areas completely ignoring the mask mandate. I am unable to leave my house because of people’s lack of consideration for others because I am high risk. I wear my mask outside, in my car and also the stores. Please have to take this illness more seriously.

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