Moratorium Bypass 2.0: Alexan Crafts Project Goes Before Board Of Architects TODAY

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As previously discussed on Gables Insider, the moratorium on development projects that are requesting Mediterranean Bonuses was passed by the Commission in July and is in effect until at least the next Commission meeting on Tuesday, August 24th. The moratorium was bypassed for the consideration of the Ponce Park Towers project by the Planning and Zoning Board last week.

Now, the Alexan Crafts project, the first project up for consideration in the recently upzoned Crafts Section will be considered at the Board of Architects this morning at 9:00AM.

The project has numerous requests that will be considered by the Board, one of them being the Mediterranean Bonuses.

Alexan Crafts

Alexan Crafts is a planned mixed-use project on the west side of Salzedo Street between Catalonia Avenue and Malaga Avenue. It is the first planned project in the newly upzoned Crafts Section and counts on the use of 13 single family residential lots. The proposed project will be “a 6 to 7 story mixed use building containing a total of 22 live work units at the ground level and 263 multifamily residential units on the upper levels.” Click here to view the documentation presented on this project.

The project was discussed at the May Development Review Committee.

Board of Architects

According to the Board of Architects’ agenda, “The application requests Preliminary Design review and approval of a new 7 story mixed used/multi-family building (approximately 306,936 SF SF) consisting of 285 residential units with 363 parking spaces $114,000,000. Mediterranean Bonus Level 1 and Level 2 have also been requested.” Click here to read staff’s Preliminary Observations Report.

The Board of Architects meeting begins at 9:00AM on Thursday, August 18th. The meeting is accessible via Zoom at this link:


8 thoughts on “Moratorium Bypass 2.0: Alexan Crafts Project Goes Before Board Of Architects TODAY

  1. Great project. To scale for that area not like those other monstrosities. Would love to see everything come in at 7-stories. Alan Morris, that monster Codina is building, etc.

  2. Thanks for sharing. What some don’t understand is that developers still have the right to ask for variances and staff have to follow the process – which includes BOA, planning and zoning and others that review. The mere fact that the applications show up, does not mean that staff are not listening. They are simply following the code. Fortunately, the boards are holding them accountable and saying no.

  3. Appreciate very much the excellent work Gables Insider is doing for the future of Coral Gables–especially regarding the need for thorough vetting of development projects to ensure that those approved will be in the best interest of all citizens of The City Beautiful.

  4. Fire all of the staff. Then the elected officials would not be able to use staff as their scapegoats for their decisions. It’s not staff. But you know that already.

  5. Here we go again! Why does it seem that the staff does not codmprehend what we, the people, the residents and taxpayers of Coral Gables keep repeating ad nauseam? Developers planning to build in our City should do their due diligence to make sure, before buying any property and spending any money on architects, planners, traffic studies, etc…… that what they want to builde fits in the property to be bought! We do not want to take away any of their rights, they shgould build what they are allowed “as of right.” What we do not wish is the reverse, their asking for bonuses, waivers,land use changes, TDRs, etc. that would infringe on “our rights.”

    According to Planning Director Ramon Trias, “as of right” they can go ahead and build as follows ( I have it in writing from him)
    1. FAR is 3.0 =(275,799 sq. ft.) 2. Density is 125 units per acre =264 units
    3. Height is 45 feet.

    He also confirmed that 1.”PAD and Conditional Use for mixed use is not “as of right.” They would need Commission approval and 2. Med bonuses are not “as of right.”

    What part doesn’t the staff understand? Why do we fight to keep what we have “as of right”?
    Are the members of the Board of Architects, which by the way are all appointed by the City Manager, listening? Are the elected officials listening? Is the City Administration paying close attention? ENOUGH is ENOUGH! It’s time for us to be heard. Let them know!

  6. With a special election, where a permanent moratorium wins, concerned residents no longer need to protest and contest what is happening at the board of architects, with the planning and zoning board, at Burger Bob’s, in City Hall by some bad people, etc, etc, etc.

    A special election stops over-development, once and for all.

    Concerned residents can then expend their energy and time on other important matters.

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