TARGET In Coral Gables Now Open

TARGET has now opened its doors.

This urban version of TARGET is a more compact version of traditional TARGET stores in South Florida, but offers similar sections to larger stores. Sections include, grocery, office supplies, electronics, cleaning supplies, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, and adult beverages, among others.

There is also a CVS Pharmacy and a Starbucks, bringing Starbucks and CVS to the North Gables area of downtown.

” We’re excited to bring an easy, convenient shopping experience to additional guests in the Coral Gables community with this new Target store,” said TARGET’s Aryn Ridge.

The store will employ 60 team members and will also offer online ordering for in-store pickup.

Complimentary parking in their lot will also be limited to TARGET patrons only, all others must pay.

TARGET is located at 1906 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, the former location of OfficeMax.

The grand opening will take place this Sunday.


1 thought on “TARGET In Coral Gables Now Open

  1. People are leaving shopping carts in front and side sidewalk of store. Management should take steps to prevent this. Besides making our city look ugly, these carts are a danger both to pedestrians and traffic. Makes you wonder if Target was a good choice for the City Beautiful.

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