Target Opening Date Set

Gables Insider brought you the news of Target coming to Coral Gables and the fact that a Starbucks would be included in the new establishment, which would be replacing the old Office Max on Ponce de Leon Boulevard.

Gables Insider has now confirmed that Target will be opening its doors on March 15th!

Details of the grand opening have not been released, but representatives of Target inform us that excitement is growing and that they are looking forward to opening this Coral Gables tailored store.


6 thoughts on “Target Opening Date Set

  1. I love Target! I am so happy that it is going to be very near my home! I will love to walk there every time that I need it. Exactly as I always did it in NY. I think that we, the neighbours of Coral Gables, are very lucky to have a store like this near us.

  2. I just love shopping at Target….I shop there weekly, but once again parking is going to be a nightmare. Isn’t the Target on Bird Road by the Palmetto, Dixie Highway near Kendall or even Dixie Highway at 104th close enough for those of us who live in the Gables. Too late now!

  3. What a shame that city officials have sold out to the big buck corporations! Not the Coral Gables we all love!

  4. I agree with Lucille’s comment about parking as I frequent another business directly across the street. That lot behind the office depot/new target is small & it is very difficult to find on street parking in that vicinity.

  5. There will definitely not be enough parking. The only way to go to this store is to Uber or Lyft.

  6. I hope that the is enough parking for this store. Coral Gables is lossing that small town feeling.

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